Princess Cakes

Princess Cakes

Princess cakes make great birthday cakes for the little girls who wish they were one. They consist of pretty dresses and crowns of different varieties.

Princess Cake

princess cakeFor my niece Rylee's 6th birthday, I used a Wilton Wonder mold pan with 2 cake mixes.

When cutting the cake, a rainbow of colors was revealed. I separated the vanilla cake mixes into separate bowls and added rainbow colors, then poured each color, one on top of the other into the pan. Some colors swirled together naturally but it looked good when cut. After the cake was baked and removed from the pan I let it cool completely and then cut horizontally in thirds (with thread). In between the layers I layered marshmallows and icing. With the rainbow colors and 3 layers, it made for an exciting cake inside and outside.

The doll I used is only the top half of the doll with a chopstick inserted in the doll to brace her in the cake.

The 'dress' is done with a rose type tip to make the ruffles and a star tip for the rest (including the bodice on the doll).

Edible silver balls are added to the flowers to provide sparkle.

Pink jellybeans are added along the bottom for interest and more taste.

Decorated by Debbie Budd from Canada

Pink/Brown Princess Cake

pink/brown princess cakeThis is a pound cake with strawberry buttercream (yum) and checkerboard fondant. The tiara was dried fondant, as were the flowers. The cupcakes were yellow cake with strawberry/chocolate frosting, and mini fondant tiaras/flowers.
Decorated by Carrie Shipton from Fond du Lac, WI

Princess Barbie Cake

Princess Barbie CakeI made this for my daughter's 3rd birthday party. She wanted a princess party and every Barbie with a dress is a princess to her.

I used the Wilton Large cupcake cake pan. I turned the "bottom" of the cupcake upside down, then place the "top" of the cupcake on top. Needed to trim a little to even out cake. Just placed Barbie doll without clothes or legs through top of cake and decorated. This was very first time ever attempting anything like this. Thought it came out great!!!

Decorated by Marcella from New York

Sweet 16 Princess Birthday Cake

sweet 16 princess birthday cakeThis sweet 16 princess birthday cake was made for my niece.

I made two 2 layer marble cakes 8-8" & 14-17". I iced them with buttercream. the tiara is made from gum paste. the wand, sweet 16 & flowers are also gum paste. The top cake decorations are made of fondant. The birthday heart is also made from gum paste.

Decorated by Pat Cennami from Peabody, MA

Princess Barbie Cake

princess barbie cakeI made the one cake (Chocolate sponge) in a pudding bowl and placed it on top of one that had been made in a 7' tin.

Cut both cakes in half and use Nutella to sandwich them all together again.

Coat the outside of the cakes in Nutella to keep the icing in place on the cake.

Roll out some ready made icing and drape over the cake.

Take some differently colored icing, roll out and cut around 50 circles with a cookie cutter.
Cut the middle of the circles with a much smaller cookie cutter.
Discard the middle bits.
Now cut the (They should now look like huge polo's)circles of icing and cut them in half. Now take a cocktail stick and roll. For this you will need the icing near to the end of the table/surface that you are working on. Place the cocktail stick half way onto the icing and roll out gently until they look like frills (you may need to practice a bit, its just like rolling pastry.)To stick the icing to the cake i used clear alcohol as it doesn't leave a mark like water will. Then just use a Barbie to pop into the middle, make a small hole first.

Decorated by Katey from Wlasall, West Midlands, England

Princess Crown Cake

princess crown cakeThis princess crown cake is a one tier cake covered in lavender fondant. The banner going across the top of the cake is white fondant. The name was created with gum paste tappits. The butterflies were done with a butterfly cutter. The crown needed time to dry since it was made from gum paste. Once the crown is done in advance, decorating the cake was quick and easy.
Decorated by Rosalind from Malyasia

Little Girl's Princess Dream Cake

little girl's princess dream cakeIt was the cake I prepared for my niece 7th Birthday last March. I was really not planning to make one but since they had a problem with the cake that they bought from a certain bake shop, I was forced to make one immediately since the supposed birthday party was two days away.

Its a 3-tier cake with a yellow colored white ganache on a big crystal plate. The bottom cake (chocolate cake) was 12 inch in diameter, middle (which was chocolate marble chiffon cake) was 9 inch, and the top (mocha chiffon cake) was 6 inch. Only the bottom cake has a ganache filling in the middle.

For decorations, I used gum paste flowers/flowerettes/leaves (bought from a local store), mini colorful marshmallows, chocolate candy sprinkles, chocolate mini chips, green plastic ribbon, plastic Disney princess figurines(borrowed from my sister-in-law good neighbor), "7" candle, and a birthday tag that I personally made.

I bake all the cake first and have it cooled. Crumbed the cake and set it on its respective round cake board(putting a little ganache at the middle of the board before putting the cake so it wont slip the board). After filling the bottom cake, I start coating it with the ganache icing. Coating it thinly first and refrigerate it for a few minutes before putting another coat, until I get the desired icing thickness. I also did the same thing with the other cakes. In layering the cake, I used a 1/4 inch thick paper lollipop stick for support. I used 8 pieces of cut stick. The support stick was cut with a little allowance on the top so that the layered cakes are really not touching each other.

I decorated first the bottom cake, and set it on the big crystal plate, then bordered the bottom sides with chocolate candy sprinkles. I put the stick supports in the middle of the bottom cake before placing the middle cake. I decor the middle cake and bordered the bottom side with mini chocolate chips. I put again another set of stick support before putting the top cake. Decor it again, put a 1/2 inch green ribbon around the bottom side the top cake, and put the biggest flower gum paste that I bought as a center piece. I know I wont be able to put the layered cake in the ref if I put the top decorations immediately, so I postponed the top decoration until the party itself.

I was able finish the cake early morning of her birthday. An hour before her party starts (around 2pm), I put my top decorations on and finish it with the tag that I personally made. I covered the tag with plastic because, my sister-in-law think its too plain and put glitter on her daughter's name and a yellow ribbon around it. To enhance the tag more, I prepared a two lollipop stick (same one I used for support), put flowers and leaves, and covered it with green paper tape. Then I securely taped the upper portion of the stick at the back of the tag, and put the tag at the back of the plastic Disney princess figurines.

It was really my first time to make a cake this big. I was a bit frustrated with how I frosted the cake because I was not able to smooth it out. Making this cake was quite exhausting but its all worth it. My niece loved it so much, her friends was amazed by it, and those who have seen it kept asking me if I can also make one for them too.

Decorated by Jaynell Rose D. Cabrera from Quezon City, Philippines

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