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Pumpkin cakes start getting popular in October for Halloween and then continue through the fall for Thanksgiving. Here are a few different ideas both in 3D and 2D decorations.

Pumpkin Palooza Cake

pumpkin palooza cakeMy first attempt to make a 3-D Cake for a local contest and cake walk fundraiser. I used two (ovenproof glass bowls) for the two halves. The cake was pound cake with canned pumpkin added.
I assembled cake when cool, covered with buttercream and did my first attempt at marshmallow fondant. I used a small Ice Cream cone for stem and covered it with fondant. Created a few vines and cookie cutter leaves.

I was surprised how well it came out...I won the contest of 140 cake entries. Am working on a 3-D Christmas tree cake this season.

Submitted by by Aloha Bob from Spring, Texas

Cinderella and Pumpkin Cakes

cinderella and pumpkin cakesThese are both basic white cakes. Cinderella's skirt was made from a Pampered chef small bowl. The pumpkin was actually a Santa Claus Wilton pan (turned sideways).

I used the rolled buttercream frosting on both of the cakes and loved it! My husband suggested rolling it out between two pieces of cling-wrap; this kept the frosting from sticking to the rolling pin and the table and was especially helpful for transferring larger pieces.

Submitted by Amy Conrad from Mount Vernon, IA

Fall Festival Cake

fall festival cakeMy cake was made from 9x13,6" and 8" rounds and cupcakes. Icing is buttercream and fondant. Leaves and acorns are fondant. Haybale is three 9x13 stacked. Bucket is three 8" rounds. Large pumpkin is four 6" rounds stacked and carved. Apples and small pumpkins are cupcakes. Indian corn is rice krispie treats covered in fondant.
Submitted by Jessie Steindl from Dawson, PA

Carved Pumpkin Cake

3d pumpkin cake2 bundt cakes, one upside down, ice the top, then put the other one on top of it.  Then cover whole thing with icing.  Then covered in marshmallow fondant.  Stem is an ice cream cone covered with fondant.
top view of pumpkin cakeCake decorated by Paula B from Oakland, MD

If you've decorated any pumpkin cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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