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Race car cakes are perfect for the speed lovers. Here are a few different ways to make them from pictures on sheet cakes to carved car cakes.

Stigs Racing Helmet Cake

Stigs racing helmet cake I hand carved a madeira cake into shape and covered it with sugar paste. All the details are made from sugar paste.

Cake decorated by Jackie Reece, UK

Race Car Cake

race car cakeThis cake was made for one of my sons birthday who races mini-stocks. He enjoyed it and so did the rest of the family.I made a devils food chocolate cake mix and baked it in a car shaped pan. Decorating the cake was FUN! I made traditional white frosting to frost the cake and edge the base. I mixed red coloring to some of the frosting and filled in the car shape using a star tip until all the spaces were covered. Then I mixed black coloring into some of the frosting and used a star tip to fill in the tire shapes and flag areas. I then changed tips so I could pipe around the windows and grill etc..Even though he didn't come in first at the track, the cake won at home!
Cake decorated by Marilyn from Savannah, Georgia


Subaru Rally Car Cake

subaru rally car cakeI hand carved a madeira cake into shape and covered it with sugarpaste. The details are made of sugarpaste and royal icing piping.
Submitted by Jackie Reece, UK

Formula 1 Car Cake

formula 1 car cakeI hand carved a rich fruit cake into shape & covered it with marzipan and sugarpaste. All the details are sugarpaste. It was for an uncles 80th birthday in 2005, he still hasn't eaten it, he said he would never cut it.
Submitted by Jackie Reece, UK

Peter Brock Car Cake

Peter Brock Car CakeI used a 14x10 cake tin. I iced it with buttercream icing. Transfer a picture onto the cake and fill details in with colours.
Submitted by Rose Wiggins
(Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Speed Racer Birthday Cake

Speed Racer Birthday CakeThe speed racer car was the first car I had ever tried to make. I used a block or rice krispy treats that I had pressed into a loaf pan, and carved the shape from that.The car was covered with red and white fondant. The tires were black fondant. You can't really see from the picture, but I flopped on the silver paint for the wheels, and ended up just using gray fondant.
I placed the car on a 1/4 sheet cake. The top was covered with red and yellow tiles cut from fondant. The edge was finished with a simple shell border.
Decorated by by H.J. from Springfield, KY

Race Day Cake

buttercream race carI started with a homemade cake. I used a Wilton cake pan and many different colors of buttercream to decorate the cake. This was made for a young man who loves race cars.
Decorated by Karen B from Atlanta, Georgia

Victory in Jesus Car Cake

victory in jesus car cakeMy son is an 8th grader at a Christian school in Harlingen, Tx. The theme this year is Victory in Jesus. The mascot for the theme is a race car and checkered flags. So I made this cake to celebrate this years theme.
Cake decorated by Christy Malone from Harlingen, TX

If you've decorated any race car cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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