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collection of rose wedding cakes

Rose wedding cakes in the form of fresh flowers or gum paste are one of the most common wedding cake requests.

Here are several different styles of wedding cakes featuring this popular flower.

Rose Petals for a Princess Wedding Cake

rose petals for a princess wedding cakeBottom and second tier are fruit... and the top is medeira.

I marzipaned and iced with roll out fondant icing in ivory. I then arranged the spots and pearled them with edible dust. Arranging and pinning a double ribbon - the wider one is ivory and the pink is opaque to match the bridesmaids dress. I made the candles myself as i could not get any shop bought in the correct colour pink and without being scented - so i bought tea lights, removed the wick, melted the wax disk in a pan and then poured into the little glasses waited till slightly cooled then popped the wick in and then topped up with more wax and left to cool. Flower topper is silk as are the petals which i arranged arround cake... and then sprinkled with eddible pink glitter to finish. This cake was for my Sister... so my heart and sole went into it... with many sleepless nights worrying.... as this is only the second wedding cake i have done and i never went to school to learn how... so it is a big task when you just make cakes for fun.... It was a success i am happy to report... and my sisters tears when she saw it were of joy thank goodness! Phew!

Cake decorated by Sam from Macclesfield, UK

Rosebud Wedding Cake

rosebud wedding cakeThis rosebud wedding cake is made with a 12", 9" and 6" heart-shaped, chocolate cake tiers.

They are covered in fondant and gum paste rosebuds.

They loved it!

Cake decorated by Kris McCarthy from Miami, Florida

Pink Petals Cake

pink petals wedding cakeThe bride said she wanted it to look like the petals were falling off the roses. All the flowers and petals are hand made from gum paste.
Cake decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Wedding Cake with Roses

wedding cake with rosesWell let me start out by saying, what was I thinking? I don't bake cakes and for some reason I volunteered myself to my sister-in-law for her wedding cake and I said I can do that???? So, after many trial and error cakes, I came out with the above cake shown. I made my homemade buttercream and the cake itself was a french vanilla with buttercream filling. My sister-in-law wanted it very traditional and plain and was it ever the most moist delicious cake ever (not to toot my own horn, but yummo!) I had people coming to me at the wedding asking how much I charge and do I make cakes for a living,so now I have my sister's cake and my mom's wedding cake to do this year.Yikes! It took about ten hours to bake and a total of four days to finish the cake the process was very exhausting, but paid off in the end. The cake was, by far, not perfect but she loved it and I thought that it wasn't bad for the first try.
Cake decorated by Melinda Rogers from Orange,Texas

3 Tier Rose and Pearl Cake

3 tier rose and pearl wedding cakeThe roses are made from flower paste, these had taken a while to do as there were 45 roses altogether!! the bottom tier is chocolate madiera, this was to help keep the other cakes from falling in. The middle is madiera and the top is fruit cake (which was kept to make a christening cake after couples baby was born).

The pearls were piped on with royal icing and dusted with edible dust.

Cake decorated by Stefanie Kappert from Belfast, NI

White Rose Wedding Cake

white rose wedding cakeThis is a four tier cake covered with home made fondant. All the work was done in royal icing and pressed fondant roses.The decoration all over is made from roses, small filling flowers, rose leaves & berries. I used lustre colors and pearls to give the cake shimmer.
close-up of pressed fondant roses close-up of gum paste roses
Cake decorated by Wimarshi from Sri Lanka

Pink Garden Wedding Cake

pink garden wedding cakeThis is an old fashioned buttercream wedding cake made with a rose tip,star tip ,leaf tip and basket weave tip .and a plain round tip for the hearts.
just iced the cake smooth and piped away !
Cake decorated by Jill Wong from Hammonton, NJ

Simple Red Roses Wedding Cake

simple red roses wedding cakeThe cake was red velvet cake for the bottom layer, French vanilla cake for the middle layer, and red velvet for the top layer with pure white frosting. The designs were a simple design with real red roses in between the layers and on top.
Cake decorated by Janice Werner from Cusick, Washington

Red Rose Wedding Cheesecake

red rose wedding cheesecakeThe bride wanted a simple but elegant cake. They had chosen to serve cheesecake with toppings. I had them buy the standard cheesecakes from Costco, asking the bakery not to add the piping around the edge or score the top where to cut the pieces. Two of the cakes were double stacked with a black ribbon to accent and to cover the seam. Then took red rose floral arrangements and petals and placed on and around the cakes. Displayed on a four tier buffet server. Very simple and inexpensive.
Cake decorated by Carl Ames from Arizona

Nisby Wedding Cake

nisby wedding cakeThis is a 4 layer marble cake with fondant made roses and doily design also made of fondant. Everything is eatable.
Cake decorated by Pam Gliniewicz from Oakland, ME

Fresh Roses Wedding Cake

fresh roses wedding cakeThe bottom Tier of this ribbon and rose cake was fruit with a bit of a kick....ok a lot of a kick using Rum and Brandy, and the middle and top where madiera. Marzipan and then roll out fondant for the bottom and butter cream and strawberry jam and roll out fondant for the middle and top. Each tier had four plastic doweling rods through to support the next, and they were left with a 1.5 inch gap so that the fresh roses and foliage could be arranged between. I also pressed a saucer to make a slight circular indentation mark on the top layer so that I could stick gold coloured sugar balls as a border for the top posie of roses. I Bought supermarket roses rather than florist as they were quite costly to just chop the heads off, Top tip - Chop heads off roses day before arranging and keep in plastic containers stem end down in a little water and store in the refrigerator. Doing this allows tight flowers to open giving a larger head(However remember to drain on Kitchen roll in plenty of time so as to not moisten the top of the sugar paste when you arrange). Then I just covered the board, denting with a dowling rod and arranging the Sugar balls in the indentations like the top tier and finished with gold fine lace ribbon double backed to intensify the colour, which was pinned to the cake with an identical row of pearl topped pins running in line perfectly down the back of the cake. I was very nervous about making the cake as I had never attempted anything like it before, and only usually make novelty cakes or Childrens Birthday cakes. I have only been doing it for two years after being inspired by my friend who makes excellent cakes. Many a sleepless night was had leading up to the wedding and a pretty scary 1.5 hour motorway journey to deliver, but I was pleased with the result and glad it was over. However now my sister wants one for her wedding in June 09 and also my friend wants me to do her Baby girls Christening Cake this November! Less sleep for me again!
Cake decorated by Sam Collier from Macclesfield, England

If you've decorated rose wedding cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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