Sculpting Rice Krispie Treats

There are some cake elements that are just better made by sculpting rice krispie treats. They can be wrapped around pvc pipe, molded into different shapes, and carved. If you want to make figures that are a bit too large to dry in time, you can mold them from the rice krispies.

They have a tendency to be to soft to work with if you use the butter in the recipe. The recipe off the Kellogg's cereal box minus the butter works well.

This is 40 regular sized marshmallows and 6 cups of rice krispies. If you need a firmer mixture for what you're doing, add more cereal.

Melt the marshmallows in the microwave and then stir the rice krispies in. Grease the pan or container you are placing them in and press them down firmly with your hands. If you need a smoother finish, you can put the rice krispies in the food processor and just pulse them quickly to break them up a little bit. Don't create a fine powder; just crush them quickly. However, this will make the product heavier, so keep that in mind when supporting it.

If you are making a flat surface, make them the day before so they have time to set. It's best not to refrigerate them because they can get sticky. The outside surface will be bumpy, so before covering it with fondant, you'll want to give it a coating of white chocolate. On a flat sheet of rice krispie treats, you can easily spread the white chocolate smooth with a spatula.

On sculpted surfaces, after applying, you can use the warmth of your hands to smooth out the bumpy spots. While you can cover them with buttercream icing, it has a tendency to squish out. The white chocolate will make the piece weigh more, so be sure to have sufficient support. If you are sculpting them, do it while the mixture is still warm.

If it stiffens up on you, you can warm it up quickly in the microwave. To make the cereal stick to pvc pipe, spreading it with melted marshmallows first works well. The smooth surface will make the cereal treats come off if you don't add some "glue" to make them adhere. If you are making a wall for a structure, then you can spread the mixture out in a pan and then lay another pan on top of it, push down and compress it so it's all even. Working with this medium is sticky, so you can grease your hands with butter to prevent it from sticking to you. You can shape the cereal into forms right away or create blocks that you carve with a sharp knife into different shapes. It is lighter than cake the same size. Taller structures may need a center dowel to properly support them. When creating a figure, just remember that when it's covered with fondant, everything on it becomes larger - head, arms, legs. Try to make them smaller than you want them to be so that when they are covered, they will be the size you intended.

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