Sleepover Cakes and Cupcakes

sleepover cake and cupcakes

Sleepover cake and cupcakes are fun reminders of some of the best times in childhood. What kid doesn't enjoy having a friend over for the night, staying up late to laugh and perhaps be a bit mischievous?

Sleepover Cupcakes

sleepover cupcakesI am in love with this design! I got the idea and directions out of "Hello Cupcake!" book. The sleeping bags are rolled out Starbursts, with a little marshmallow pillow. (There is a marshmallow under the sleeping bag to make it look like a body!) There are teddy Grahams stuffed animals tucked in with some of the kids. I piped some designs on some sleeping bags for fun. One kid's says "I love Mom!". The heads are Nilla wafers with buttercream details piped on. They were SO adorable. One of my all time favorite projects.
Cupcakes decorated by Julie M. from Penfield, Rochester, NY

Slumber Party Cake

slumber party cakeI used a small sheet cake and a smaller cake for the bed. Each of the girls were hand molded out of gum paste to look like the girls at the party.
Cake decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Sleepover Cake

sleepover cakeI used a 12" square pan, cut the cake in half then stacked it to make it high like a bed. The cake was marble with strawberry cream cheese and the icing was a mix of butter cream and fondant.

I make the heads from fondant and the body's from marshmallow's. The blanket is fondant painted with glitter gel.

Cake decorated by Kristie from Holly, MI

Party Girl Cake

party girl sleepover cakeThis party girl cake was for my good friend and her sister who just moved into a new home together. They are young girls and love to have fun. When they requested a cake for their house warming party - I gladly made one that I knew they would love.

A week before the party I started all of the fondant pieces-the head/footboard, the girls, nightstand with the ashtray and vase with flowers, blowdryer, pillows, area rug and beer bottles.
I baked a chocolate half sheet cake and filled it with cherry filling and whipped cream. I then covered the cake with a thin layer of fondant. I added all of the fondant pieces then piped white stars around the frame and pillow area - this helped hide any holes or openings. I displayed the cake on a fondant covered square piece of cardboard.

Cake created by Miriam Lopez from Jersey City, NJ

Bachelorette's Party Cake

bachelorettes party cakeI poured part of the batter into a 6" round pan for the hot tub. I poured the rest in a 9" x 13" cake pan for the base. After the sheet cake cooled, I frosted it with white buttercream. The tiles are Eclipse Gum and Trident Green Apple Fusion. I cut out the center of the 6" round cake about halfway to the bottom. Then I frosted the inside only (where it had been cut out) and sprinkled it with blue sugar crystals. The people are donut holes cut to fit into the side of the hot tub. The step is a piece of the center that I had cut out. Color about 2 tbsp frosting each of whichever colors you want for the hair. Frost the rest of the hot tub. The bathmat is graham crackers broken in half and frosted with green frosting. I printed the banner on my computer. The glasses are scrapbook accent stickers that I put on toothpicks, which is how I stood the banner up. The bathmat and step look a bit rough because I had to fix it after my 3 year old got hold of it. It's not exactly a birthday cake, but still......
Cake decorated by Amanda Dixon from Center Ridge, AR

If you've decorated any sleepover cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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