Slot Machine Cakes

Slot machine cakes

Even if they can't churn out real money, slot machine cakes make great birthday cakes! Here are a few different ways to do them.

Slot Machine Cake

slot machine cakeTo make this slot machine cake you will need to create 3 different layers. The choice of sizes is yours, but you will want a large bottom layer, around 12", a smaller middle tier, around 10" and a top tier made from square cakes, around 8".

Here, the bottom tiers are each approximately 4" high and the top tier is approximately 6" high.

Decorating the dice is simple. Cover it with white fondant and cut out circles of black fondant and place them on the side of the cake to show the number of dots on each side. (Just use a real dice to see how it looks). The top of the top tier has 3 fondant ribbon roses in red in the center.

The middle tier is covered in yellow buttercream. Black fondant creates the outlines for the 7s. The 7s are done in red. The handle is made from gum paste and then painted with a combination of vodka and gold luster dust.

The bottom layer is simply frosted with red icing. Then an oval plaque was cut from white fondant, places on the cake and a message written on it.

The coins are just the chocolate coins that are sold in the store.

Enjoy making your own slot machine cake. It was fun!

Cake decorated by Lisa Rosales from Corona, CA

Jackpot Cake

jackpot cakeThis cake was made with 3 12x18 and 3 8x12 sheet cakes. They were baked and stacked and sculpted to make the shape of a slot machine. A box lid was covered with black fondant to make the coin tray. Little LED lights were positioned to show that, yes, Bill you hit the Jackpot! All extra pieces were created from fondant and let harden. The handle was covered tinker toys (thanks to my neighbor, JAX for that idea)

I also made a dozen jumbo cupcakes with POKER CHIPS on top to decorate around the cake!

Cake decorated by Rochelle Walters from Colorado Springs, CO

If you've decorated any slot machine cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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