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Soccer cakes rank among the most popular sports cakes, simply because soccer is so popular across the globe.

FC Toronto Soccer Cake

fc toronto soccer cakeI made this soccer Jersey cake last weekend for an FC Toronto soccer player's 18th birthday. I used a regular 9x13x4" pan for the actual sheet and then I baked a smaller 8x8x4 cake for the sleeves then I cut out the sleeves and adjusted/ sculpted the entire cake so it would look like a t-shirt. I am not too familiar with sports so I "googled" the Toronto FC logo and replicated the design out of fondant. I didn't use a template or anything. The letters were made out of tappits.
Cake decorated by Kagi Theivendra from Toronto, Ontario

Ray's 60th Birthday Soccer Ball

championship soccer cake

This cake was made for a young man turning 60 who still plays on the FC Freedom soccer league in Philadelphia with guys half his age! The team colors are red and black. The cake is lemon with strawberry preserves filling and vanilla buttercream.

To make this cake, I baked a couple of 10" square cakes, an 8" round and a cake in the Wilton soccer ball pan.

Once the square layers were torted and filled with strawberry preserves, I placed it on a fondant covered cake board and frosted the cake with green buttercream. Then I inserted several wooden dowels to hold up the soccer ball. To make the ball, I put the Wilton half ball on top of the 8" round (again, filled with strawberry preserves) and placed it on the dowels. (I should note that I had originally baked two ball halves and erroneously assumed that I would be able to put these together and balance them by cutting a small flat edge on the bottom one. Alas, this was not to be ? the bottom half cracked right in two. Darn that gravity! So I ate the cracked cake and baked the 8? round...) I frosted the ball & 8? with vanilla buttercream frosting and covered it with white fondant. Now the hard part - the soccer ball design. The pattern that comes with the Wilton pan was useless to me - it wasn't working out at all! There were huge gaps between the tiles as the pattern continued. I was insistent that the pattern be "real" - six-sided white tiles and five-sided black tiles. I found another pattern online from a Photoshop example and printed it out at approximately the right size. Then I started cutting out the tiles and finding out they were not fitting together, starting over, cutting out more tiles...etc. etc! In the end I finally got the top half of the ball covered with no gaps...a major accomplishment! Next I made the red & black scarf from fondant and draped it around the cake. Once it was in the right place (covering the section of the ball where the pattern got wonky!) I added the "FC Freedom" moniker and the tassels. Then I used a grass tip to pipe green buttercream grass around the base of the cake to resemble a playing field. Finally, I cut out the letters and attached to the board. Viola! Soccer ball cake!

Decorated by Laura Shamir Rockland County, New York

Soccer Birthday Cake

buttercream soccer cakeThis cake is a chocolate/vanilla marble cake iced with buttercream icing. I baked a half ball cake (using the Wilton ball cake pan) for the soccer ball, and used a template to mark off the ball design, which I then filled in using black and white buttercream stars. The base of the cake is a 10" 2-layer chocolate/vanilla marble cake with grass green icing, a double border and piped grass on top. The letters, stars and jersey were all made with fondant, and then hand painted. I also used glitter dust on the stars and letters.
Decorated by Jeannine from Panama, NY

Soccer Cake

soccer cake3 layer cake for Katherine's soccer team's party (go "booty bumpers" The first layer is half white, half chocolate, the second layer is half chocolate, half chocolate chip, the third layer is half white, half chocolate chip. The line where each cake half meets dont line up. The white cake is pink and the chocolate chip cake is blue. Dont ask me what the point of all of that was... I'll do whatever someone requests lol. Decorated with chocolate frosting on the sides (and chocolate filling between the layers,) green buttercream on top, white piping, green sprinkles and a green soccer ball.
Cake decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

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