Spider Cakes

spider cakes for Halloween

One of the favorite themes for Halloween is spider cakes. Here are a few creepy, crawly cakes for your parties.

Spider Web Cake

spider web cakeThis spider web cake is a chocolate devil's food cake, divided into two laters.I made buttercream frosting which I used in between the layers and on top of the cake.

On the top the spider web is piped in using a round rip and black decorator icing.

The sides are covered with chocolate cookie crumbs, which can be bought at any craft/baking store.

The spiders are not edible.

Cake decorated by Melinda from Haverton, PA

Spider Cake

spider cakeSo Easy. Bake a norman cake and cut it to size!
Then just ice with colour of choice and put some decorations. I have so many pics of cakes self made and you wil never tell. Ha ha ppl really love self made ideas!
Cake decorated by Nicolett Hamilton from Port Elizabeth

Itsy Bitsy Halloween Spider Cake

itsy bitsy halloween spider cakeThis was the first time using homemade fondant and it worked out really well.
Melissa Rubletz from Port Alberni, BC, Canada

Halloween Fondant Cake

halloween fondant cakeThis is a 2 tier Halloween fondant cake. The bottom is a 10 inch round with 2 layers and the top is a 6 inch round with 2 layers also. The spider is made out of rice krispie treats and wrapped in fondant. All the flowers are made out of fondant. The spiders legs were made out of black licorice and then I covered in fondant and put some frosting on them to make them more black. Nina and I made this cake for our work Halloween pot luck! It was a hit!
Cake decorated by Monica Scholten from Portland, Oregon

If you've made any spider cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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