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Every household has a Spongebob lover. These Spongebob cakes are sure to make a birthday child in your home delighted.

Spongebob Cake

spongebob cakeIt was simple to make this spongebob. I just used white cake mix and then mixed all the colors to make the icing and piped it on the cake using a star tip.
Cake decorated by Taineshia from Washington

Spongebob Birthday Cake

spongebob birthday cakeThis cake is made of a 16 inch square cake used as the base. It was covered in blue buttercream to give the water effect. Above it we have Spongebob's 12 inch round cake used as his life buoy. This is covered in white buttercream with red fondant stripes then hollowed out in the middle to give it the donut look. Spongebob, including his body, arms, hands, feet and floaties, are molded from homemade Rice Krispie treats then coated in a thin layer of buttercream and covered in fondant. We then decorated his face with fondant cut outs and colored in his sponge holes with a little blue luster dust! He stood almost 2 feet his when finished and was the life of the party!
Cake decorated by Patricia Hegler from Catawba, NC

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

spongebob squarepants cakeI made using 4 sheet cakes cut in half and stacked on top of each other. Then I covered it in yellow fondant. I then sculpted the arms and legs and let them dry over night. The next day I attached the arms and legs then I did the pants tie and eyes to finish Spongebob. Then I covered a cake board with green fondant and placed Spongebob. This cake was for my son's 3rd Birthday.
Cake decorated by Jessica from Henderson, NV

Spongebob Cupcakes

spongebob cupcakesI made 2 dozen cupcakes to take to my daughter's preschool class, totally forgetting the fact that they can't have homemade goodies. None the less we had a cool cupcake creation. I started off frosting them yellow and then realized I could push them together and make a big spongebob head. I frosted each cupcake the pushed them together to get close to the shape I was looking for. I then took more yellow frosting and filled in the space between cupcakes. Next I made a bit darker shade of yellow and added his spongey pores and added eyes, nose, and mouth. This was very easy and it was like having a sheet cake that you could pull it apart piece by piece.
Cupcakes decorated by Jennifer Sullivan from Crescent City, CA

Spongebob Cake

spongebob cakeI cooked a square cake, took a spongebob party plate, and made the cake from the plate.
Cake decorated by Stacey Guth from Mooringsport, LA

Spongebob Sheet Cake

spongebob sheet cakeThis is a sheet cake covered in yellow fondant and indented to create the look of a sponge. The spongebob face was outlined in black fondant and filled in with the appropriate colors.
Cake decorated by Katrina Mack from Raeford, NC


Waving Spongebob Cake

waving spongebob cakeThis Sponge Bob was the first cake I had ever done. I started out when I first watched "Cake Boss" and I thought I would HAVE to make my two year old (turning three) brothers birthday cake :) I had tons of fun doing this cake. I used Marshmallow Fondant because it would taste good to the kids and I knew they would love the taste and my family would love the look, the body and head is a 11 by 13 cake the legs arms and feet/fingers are rice krispie treats. As you can tell I made sponge bobs fingers make a three for my brother, he was very excited even though the cake was about the same size as him. :)

Cake decorated by Heaven Waits from Duluth, GA


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