Square Wedding Cakes

square wedding cakes

Here are a few square wedding cakes ranging in heights and finishes.

Ivory with Pearls

ivory with pearls wedding cakeThis is a five tier, square wedding cake. It was made with ivory buttercream icing. Then finished edible pearls and all fresh flowers.

Square Wedding Cake

square wedding cakeI started with the regular cake recipe. The original cake was tiered but I and the bride decided on the tiered top and then stacked. Also there is a bouquet of flowers on the bottom of the tiered cake. The decorations on side of cake are ivory buttercream with shell tip and the #8 tip beads. I added stairs w/ fabric flower bouquets and tulle. I also used ribbon to decorate the stairs.
Cake decorated by Teresa Smith from Rocky Point, NC

Basketweave Cake

basketweave cakeDirections for basket weave cake:

14 in,12 in,10 in square cakes
gum paste roses, leaves,mums, berries, hat flowers,and fondant apples
ivory 1/4 inch ribbon
ivory fondant
# 10 decorating tip
fondant cutter/embosser
luster dust
edible glitter

Crumb coat cakes. Roll out fondant and cut into 1 inch strips. Emboss edge of the strips.
Place strips on the cake in basketweave design.
Put a #10 tip rope around the top edge of the cake.Reinforce layers of your cakes and stack cakes. Pipe a teardrop border around edges of stacked cakes. Place flower on cake top and sides.

I made gumpaste roses, mums (using 2 different daisy cutters.) The pulled hat flowers and berries on wires were wired together, taped, and then wired all together to form the pieces on the cake. The cake topper was made using a styrofoam base and intermixing flowers and ribbon and leaves. The flowers have luster dust and the cake was sprinkled with edible glitter. The apples were made using fondant. The ribbons that were hanging out on the second layer were attached to cake charms that the attendants pulled out of the cake.

I made the little plaque on the front of the cake with gum paste - it has the bride and grooms initials on it and a ribbon across the top, with little drop flowers and leaves and a little apple. This is my first wedding cake. The wedding cake had to travel for three hours on county roads to get to its final destination. It made it with only one small crack. Thank you.

Cake decorated by Beverly Cutler

Kaylea & Beau's Moulon Rouge Cake

kaylea and beau's moulon rouge cakeI had never used stencils before this cake. I covered the stenciled tiers in black Satin Ice fondant and used the Martha Stewart Stencils and the recipes that came along with them. Very fun to use. The diamond bands I purchased for some added bling to the cake. The Monogram I cut out with my exacto knife and added the orange swarski crystals to it. I made the Anemones with the JEM Anemone cutter. I love this cutter so fun to use and not too difficult to make! The top tiers were off set by design. The bride wanted it to be just a bit different!
The cake flavors were carrot, kahlua fudge, and almond poppy seed.

Cake decorated by Jeri

Belt Wedding Cake

belt wedding cakeThe belt is completely handmade, down to the last rhinestone. The bride was wearing the model belt when the groom proposed and wished for it to be incorporated into the design. The belt measured 9 feet long. The base of the cake is 24 inches square, and the topper is 6 inches square. In total, it took approximately 36 hours to complete the cake.
Cake decorated by Toyah from West Plains, MO

If you've decorated any square wedding cakes, please add them to our gallery.

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