Super Mario Cakes

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Super Mario cakes are great for the Nintendo game addicts. Mario has been one of the most popular game characters over the years.

Mario Theme Cake

mario themed cakeI made this Mario theme cake for my little cousins birthday party. The base of the cake is a 10" round cake covered in marbled blue fondant. In the middle of the cake, the fondant was sliced into an x to allow the fondant to be pulled back over the cake. This made it look like Super Mario was popping up out of the cake. Mario was modeled out of gum paste.
Cake decorated by Aylin Lopez from Santa Maria, Califorina

Super Mario Brothers Cake

super mario brothers cakeThe bottom of the Super Mario cake is a triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, middle is a yellow cake with buttercream, and the top is red velvet with buttercream. coin on top is styrofoam covered in yellow chocolate. All figures are hand made with hoemade gumpaste, and all homemade fondant!
Cake decorated by Carly from Washington

Super Mario Cake

super mario cakeThis was for my nephew Reece's 8th birthday party.

I used the Wilton Raggedy Ann doll pan. This pan can be used for any type of cake - just dress it differently.

It takes one cake mix.

I sliced the cake horizontally in two (to make 2 layers) and make it thicker by icing in between. Slice with thread.

Hint: to slice with thread, line strong thread up half way (vertically) on cake. Ensure thread is half way on both sides of cake, pull thread through cake evenly on all sides. For smaller cakes line thread up around the cake, cross the ends of the thread and pull thread till it crosses itself and comes out of the cake.

The cap, moustache and eyebrows and eyes are of white moulded chocolate.

Hint: Cut shapes out of paper first to ensure correct size.

-melt the chocolate and spread thickly (1/4 to 1/2") on the countertop on top of wax paper.
-let set till carve-able (test often) (if you make a mess, re-melt and try again
-for the cap, red sprinkles were poured over the chocolate while it was still soft and before carving (it's messy to carve but worth it in the end)
-the eyes and mustache were carved and then painted with Wilton food coloring and a thin brush
-the rest of the cake was decorated simply with the star tip and the shirt by spreading red icing with a knife

Cake decorated by Debbie Budd from Canada

Mario Brothers Cupcakes

Mario Brothers cupcakesFirst of all, patience the red color can be pretty messy. Prepare like 1 teaspoon of black icing or just use a brush to paint the eyes. This is a hug cupcake from wilton pans. After I purchased it I figured out that I can also us half of a ball with a 6" cake. Fist put some icing in the middle to attach the head and the body of the mushroom. Ice only the top level if you are afraid that some of the red ink will mess the white body of the mushroom. Iced the head. if you iced it in pink and then in read will be much easier. But if you get a red can of edible food spray that they sale it in joan, michael and AC moore craft stores it will be much easier. So if using the spray, iced the head in white then covered with the red spray. then carefully ice the body in white. You can always use a basket tip or a round # 10 writing tip but make sure the lines are pretty close and avoid to touch the top of the cake so the red don't touch the tip. Paint brush the eyes or with a knife grab some icing and smooth it carefully. You can always help the icing looking smoother by cleaning it with hot water and passing it fast in the surface of the cake. The white dots where done with shot glasses. I didn't have on hand any cutters, or do it by eye, then I filled up the circus with a # 5 writing tip or what ever works for you and you can do lines or smooth it up with the knife or spatula.
Cupcakes decorated by Jaquez Parties from Methuen, MA

If you've decorated any Super Mario cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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