Surfing Cake and Cupcakes

surfing cake and cupcakes

Surfing cakes and surfing cupcakes for summer birthdays featuring waves, surfers and surfboards.

50th Birthday Surf Theme Cake

50th birthday surf theme cakeThe 50th birthday surf theme cake was made for my partner who is a keen surfer. The man is a wooden doll and I covered him with fondant that had been colored in black to make his wetsuit, and hat and I drew on his face! The surf board, the beach towel, shells, and rocks were made from fondant icing. The giant wave was a plastic drink bottle cut in half length ways and then covered in fondant icing. The sand was breadcrumbs sprinkled onto a layer of royal icing that I had spread onto the board. The smaller waves were made from fondant and royal icing. The mermaid,was a doll and we made her a fondant "tail", sea creatures and cars and beach umbrella all make up the beach theme!

The actual cake was a white chocolate mud cake, covered in fondant icing!

It was a great success and delicious.

Submitted by Lyn from Sidney, Australia

Surfing Cupcakes

surfing cupcakes"Those Cupcakes are Amazing!", is what I heard all day long after bringing my "Just Beachy" cupcakes to my son Dominic's school "Beach Days" Carnival.

Easy & Fun Decorating Instructions: What do you need?

*Cupcakes- Standard Muffin Tin

#1 Any Box Cake Mix (Easy)

#2 Pina Colada Cake Batter (Fun) and pretty easy too!
1 White cake Mix, 1 small can of crushed pineapple (drained), and 1/2C. Shaved coconut (sweetend tastes best)

1 bag of Large Marshmallows

4 C. Any kind of frosting (I made 7 minute icing & butter cream is what I used for shine and texture but anything works)

Electric Blue food coloring

Ziplock Freezer Bag (Easy) (I choose these because they're durable but you can use what you like)

Piping Bag and tips (Fun)

1/2 C Brown Sugar

Mini surf boards and flip flops (Easy & Fun Options)
*You can buy plastic ones (EASY opt.1) or get some sugar cookie dough, roll it out thin, and cut out these shapes. Then bake and decorate them in your own (Fun opt.2) way!

Decorating Time!!

Separate frosting, Color 1/2 Electric Blue Leave remaining White.
Then frost entire cupcake white and on one side 1/2" from the top put on a marshmallow. With a portion of the blue; put it in the ziplock and snip off just the corner as close to the tip as you can, making a small hole for piping. Then mark off you shore line.
With the blue and a butter knife fill in the "water" covering the entire marshmallow too. Then get your brown sugar and sprinkle over the remaining white portion to create the "shore".
Then in another ziplock put a portion of remaining white in and cut just like before except just a little further from the tip. Only a little bigger of a hole.
Then decorate a swirl on the side of marshmallow, and wave foam. This gives the effect of a crashing wave.
(If you choose Opt.2 for surf boards and flip flops then you will color those as you wish.)
Place the surf boards and flip flops on the cupcake and you're done!

My son & I had a great time making these together. We hope you do too!

Decorated by Hollie Cicogna from Monrovia, California

Surfin' Surfari Cake

surfin surfari cakeThis cake was made using Paula Deen's scratch coconut cake recipe and I used Paula's coconut lime frosting recipe for filling and iced the cakes with regular buttercream.  Was DEE-LISH! I also flavored the buttercream with coconut flavoring instead of vanilla (or my mother prefers almond flavoring).  Made the sand out of crushed graham crackers and a bit of raw sugar for some sparkle.  I free handed the designs for the surf boards and they turned out a lot better than I expected, considering I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination!
Cake decorated by Chrystal Hilderbrand from Jasper, TX

If you've decorated any surfing cakes or surfing cupcakes, please add them to our gallery.

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