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Teddy bear cakes can be cute and cuddly - ideal for babies and small children. Pick your child's favorite teddy bear as a model and try any of the techniques below.

Coconut Covered Teddy Bear Cake

coconut covered teddy bear cakeI made this teddy bear cake for my baby shower last year. I managed to take a photo just as people were starting to eat it (hence it looks like a leg is about to come off!)

To make this cake, I bought two plain round sponge cakes from the supermarket, and baked 7 cupcakes. Following instructions I found on a website, I placed the two round cakes side by side to form the bear's  head and body. I sliced off an edge from 6 of the cupcakes, and placed them against the round cakes in position of the 4 paws and 2 ears. I cut off the top of the 7th cupcake to make a flat top, turned it upside down and placed it in the middle of the head cake, for the bear's snout (I used some icing to "glue" it to the round cake). I made a yellow butter icing, and iced the entire cake. I then placed shredded coconut into 2 zip locked bags, one with a couple of drops of yellow food dye, and the other with a drop of pink food dye (be cautious with the food dye, you don't need much!). I shook these until the shredded coconut was completely dyed. I then placed the pink shredded coconut in a circle on the body to form the belly and a small pink circle on the paws and ears. I covered the rest of the bear in the yellow shredded coconut. I used jelly fruit jubes for the paw pads, the eyes and nose, and chocolate sprinkles for the mouth.
This was my first attempt ever at creating and decorating a character cake, and I found it was pretty easy and fun to do.

Submitted by Astrid B from Canerra, Australia.


3D Teddy Bear Cake

3d teddy bear cakeI used the 3D Wilton Bear pan for the teddy bear. Teddy bear cake was a cream cheese pound cake.

The bottom tier is a 10 X 4 inch chocolate cake.  Cakes decorated in chocolate buttercream.  Made base out of 14" Styrofoam base & decorated with fabric ribbon.

Submitted by Lina Custodio from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Whipped Cream Teddy Bear Cake

whipped cream teddy bear cakeChocolate Cake with Chocolate Whipped Cream piped with a star tip.
Submitted by Dewi Permanick from Sorowako, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

teddy bear birthday cakeThis teddy bear birthday cake was created with rolled fondant and actually had a lot of fun with this cake. It was my first tiered fondant cake and I am quite proud of it!

It consists of 3 square tiers. The bottom tier is covered in blue fondant. On the sides, I created a row of alternating blue and white squares. The blue was a little lighter than the fondant covering the cake. On top of this tier sits a tier covered in white fondant which was quilted using a quilting tool to create the diamond shapes. In the center of the diamonds were placed small dots of blue fondant.

Along side this tier you will see baby blocks and teddy bears which were made from gum paste. There are white, light blue and darker blue blocks and they are decorated with letters which were cut with tappits.

On top of the white tier, you have another dark blue fondant tier with 3 teddy bears sitting on top. The teddy bears are holding letters, also cut with tappits.

Submitted by Lacey from Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Grateful Dead Bear

Grateful Dead bear cakeThis is a Grateful dead Bear cake made for a teenager's birthday. Seems that the Grateful Dead stays cool throughout all ages.

I carved the cake into a bear shape. Then I iced with a white buttercream frosting. I then airbrushed the tie-dye look. Use an up down stroke as you go in a circular motion. Be sure to clear out the airbrush after each color is used.

The black lines that detail the outline of the bear cake are done in black buttercream. You can make this cake in fondant, too.

Airbrushing is the best way to achieve the tie-dyed look on any cake.

Decorated by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, MD

Ballerina Bear Cake

ballerina bear cakeThe cake was shaped using a Ballerina Bear cake pan. I used cream cheese icing that was colored with gel food coloring. The outline of the cake was piped using a round tip and the filing was piped with a star tip.
Created by Shanyce Powell from Laurel, MD

Happy Birthday Bear Cake

happy birthday bear cakeI got the idea for this bear birthday cake from one of wilton's cakes. I just gave it a more custom look for the theme at the birthday party.... You can find all the directions for the cake at wilton.com

I think it was called hail to the birthday king...I'm not quite sure but if you search and browse around the site you should be able to find it.

Decorated by Carissa from Toland, CT

If you've decorated any teddy bear cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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