Thomas the Tank Engine Cakes

Thomas the Tank Engine Cakes

Here are 4 Thomas the Tank Engine cakes inspired by the popular train set.

Thomas the Tank Engine

thomas the tank engine cakeTo make Thomas I used 3 Boxes of Duncan Hines Classic White cake mix, Following the directions on the box, Then adding 3 boxes of Cherry flavor Jello mix to batter mixing well. For the bottom layer 11X 15 inch pan , Thomas body is a 9 inch loaf pan and a clean 6 X 2 inch tin can. Sprayed the can heavily with Bakers Joy with flour.

Baking as directed.

I frosted the cake with Butter cream frosting, covered Thomas with marshmallow fondant.

Cake decorated by Victoria Vaux from Wilson, NY

Thomas Tank Engine Cake

thomas tank engine cakeThis is the Wilton pan for Thomas the Tank engine. Everything is in buttercream with the exception of the face with is molded fondant. I changed the number to 3 because that was the age of the child.
Cake decorated by Jodi from Georgia

Thomas and M&Ms Cake

thomas and m&ms cakeI made 2 9x13 confetti cakes, carved the train, filled with confetti buttercream.
Icing was trutti-frutti buttercream, and rolled fondant for pieces of the train. I added m'm's to the cart. I piped a train track underneath and made a marshmallow smoke stack.
Cake decorated by Cheryl Swenson from Farragut, TN

Thomas Complete Train Cake

thomas complete train cakeThe tracks were made with black licorice, railroad ties Kit Kat bars, with Rice Krispies cereal for gravel. Made this cake before I learned how to work with fondant, so it's iced with store-bought icing. "wheels" are oreos, with m&m hubs. This cake was for my son's 2nd birthday, and was a lot of fun!
Cake decorated by Carrie Shipton from Fond du Lac, WI

If you've made any Thomas the Train cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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