Tiffany Cakes

Tiffany cakes

Tiffany cakes make elegant presentations for engagement parties or to propose marriage. Tiffany is a well known brand associated with engagement rings - what could be more elegant for the lady?

These cakes are presented in the Tiffany color themes - light turquoise and white. A great idea would be a box propped open with the real ring inside.

Round Tiffany Cake

round tiffany cakeThis round tiffany cake is decorated with two tiers of white cake with strawberries in the center.

You will create 2 tiers, one a 10" tier, the other a 7" inch tier. Frost both tiers in buttercream frosting and then stack them.

Create a white gum paste bow and allow it to dry. Using a 50/50 combination of gum paste and fondant, create the white ribbon around the middle of the cake. In the front of the cake, you will affix the bow over this ribbon.

The top of the cake incorporates a fake tiffany wedding ring that you can order online. Surrounding the ring are pieces of tissue paper made from a combination of gum paste and fondant. (Just create squares and then fold them up to resemble pieces of tissue paper. When dry, attach to the cake with piping gel or icing).

Finish the cake by piping a border around the bottom, middle and top tier in blue buttercream icing.

Submitted by Lisa Rosales from Corona, CA

Tiffany Box Cake for an Engagement Party

tiffany box cake for an engagement partyI covered this white cake with rolled fondant tinted "tiffany blue" and added the ribbons in white fondant. I topped the cake with a fondant bow that I made a week earlier and allowed to dry. Finally, I added royal icing writing.
Submitted by Sharon R. from West Palm Beach, FL

If you've decorated any Tiffany cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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