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Tinkerbell cakes are timeless birthday cakes - from the earlier days of Disney and revived through a more recent movie. The sweet character makes a great birthday theme for any little girl.

Tinkerbell Cake

buttercream tinkerbell cakeI used a cut out of Tinkerbell's face from a plate that had Tinkerbell on it. The rest was done with my cake decorating kit.
Decorated by Ashley Domes from Bliss, NY

Tinkerbell and Friends 1st Birthday Cake

tinkerbell and friends 1st birthday cakeI used a delicious Dominican cake that is a family recipe. The bottom pan is shape in a flower and a cake baked in the Princess cake mold from Wilton is set on top to create the skirts of the characters. 

The cake was decorated in three parts: the bottom cake decoration in buttercream, the skirts in marshmallow fondant and the flower arrangements for the skirt decoration, I used flowers to decorate the skirts that I imported from the Dominican Republic from a sugar crafter.  I decorated each doll  the color scheme of their dresses and the characters I used were Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Iridesia and Silvermist from the movie Tinkerbell. I made  every single thing by hand using homemade ingredients.

Decorated by Susie G. from Belleville, BJ

Tinkerbell on a Mushroom Cake

Tinkerbell on mushroom cakeI made this for my cousins birthday. 10" double layer yellow cake with homemade strawberry buttercream filling. Covered in homemade fondant. the mushroom is made from krispie treats covered in fondant as well. homemade gum paste flowers, bugs made with chocolate! Everything is edible except the fairies.
Decorated by Carly from Washington

Tinkerbell Sheet Cake

Tinkerbell sheet cakeThis cake was made for a first birthday party. I used a double recipe of strawberry yogurt cake for the slab and chocolate for the tree stump. I bought the Tinkerbell candle at Bulk barn and created the rest. The flowers are royal icing. The tree stump is done in chocolate icing and the rest is all in buttercream icing, coloured to match the candle. The grass was done with a hair icing tip. The water is blue icing with sparkle gel icing and blue sugar crystals mixed in to make it shine. The mushrooms were made by trimming large marshmallows into mushroom shapes and then rolling them in coloured sugar crystals.
Decorated by Pam S from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Ava's Tinkerbell Cake

Ava's Tinkerbell cakeI made this Tinkerbell cake for my daughter Ava's 8th birthday, it was a hit ! The kids even asked for 2nds!

It took 4 boxes of cake mix, and a dozen eggs!

Decorated by Sarah from Rockland County, NY

Buttercream Tinkerbell

buttercream tinkerbell cakeI used a yellow cake mix and then covered it with white frosting and then i just drew the fairy on the cake, then decorated it with the colors of the fairy.
Decorated by Sonja Simeon from Orlando, Florida

Tinkerbell and Roses Cake

Tinkerbell and roses cakeI made this Tinkerbell cake for a friends little girls birthday, it had yummy sponge layered with fresh cream frosting, and fresh fruit, she said it tasted out of this world :)

I then covered the cake in fresh cream frosting, decorated in hand made roses out of icing, hand sculpted Tinkerbell in the middle from icing too.

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Tinkerbell birthday cakeI used the Cocoa transfer method as I do on all the cakes I make. I enlarged a coloring sheet of tinkerbell, then printed it out. Then I taped it to a small empty box. I used a push pin to poke small holes all around her for an outline. I baked the cake, and cooled it completely. Then I made wilton's buttercream icing and colored it purple with food coloring.

I placed the cake in the refrigerator for 30 min to let the icing harden. Then I took it out, and placed the picture on top of the cake. I then spread a tsp. of cocoa over the picture to complete the outline. I removed the picture, and had a perfet outline to do the icing with. I outlined her in black first, then filled in all the other colors next. I used sugar sprinkles to color her wings, while also making them transparent. I added grass at the bottom with a grass tip, stars at the top, to look like pixi dust, then sprinkled multi-colored sugar crystals around the stars for the rest of the pixi dust, and finished it off with pink border on the top and bottom.

Decorated by Cassandra Fincher from Cedar Bluff, AL

Tinkerbell at the Waterfall

Tinkerbell at the Waterfall cakeeverything is edible except the tinkerbells.
Decorated by Ellen from Lynchburg, VA

Purple and Green Tinkerbell Cake

purple and green Tinkerbell cakeI made this for my twin nieces' 5th birthday. They specified nothing besides Tinkerbell, so I took creative license. The bottom layer consists of three full vanilla cakes iced with buttercream; the middle section is two chocolate fudge cakes, iced with buttercream; and the top is a giant rice-krispie treat, also iced in buttercream. The entire thing is home-made marshmallow fondant and all decorations are completely edible with the exception of the two Tinkerbells. It was so much fun to make and even more fun to watch when we turned the kids loose on it and let them pull off and eat the decorations.
Decorated by by Kimberly Simmons from Livingston, Texas

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