Tips for Freezing Cakes

There may be a few different reasons you are considering freezing cakes. Perhaps you have a big cake order coming up and you'd like to make the cake in advance to lessen the work load the day of the cake assembly. Or, maybe you have leftover cake you'd like to freeze and take out when you have company. Many cake decorators freeze cake in the process of constructing it to harden the icing prior to applying fondant. No matter your intention, here is how you can freeze the cake properly to prevent the cake from picking up odors from your freezer and getting freezer burn.

Preparation for Fondant

Can you freeze a cake with icing? Certainly. Cake decorators frost a cake with buttercream icing prior to applying fondant. The cake is then placed into the freezer for approximately 10 minutes. This is enough time to freeze the frosting but will not freeze the cake.

When the cake is removed from the freezer, condensation will form on the surface of the buttercream. This condensation is helpful in adhering the fondant to the cake.

Freezing a Decorated Cake

There is a long time tradition of freezing the top layer of an anniversary cake to eat on the couple's first anniversary. In order to preserve the decorations, prevent freezer burn and keep freezer odors out, the cake must be properly wrapped. This is the best way to freeze wedding cake, even if it's not the top layer and you just want to serve your leftovers at some later point in time. irst, the frosting on the outside must be frozen so when the cake is wrapped, the wrapping does not damage the cake decorations. Place the cake in the freezer until the surface is completely firm.

Remove the cake from the freezer and wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap. Wrap the cake tightly to prevent air from being trapped beneath the plastic. Make sure no spot on the cake remains exposed.

Now wrap the cake in 2 layers of alumimum foil. The cake can remain frozen for up to 1 year. Just be sure that if you move things around in your freezer that you don't accidentally pull the layers of foil and plastic wrap off.

Can You Freeze Cake Batter?

You can freeze leftover cake batter if you've made too much to fit in the cake pan. Usually, the leftover amount won't be enough to make another cake, but will be just fine for making cupcakes. Note that some recipes may not hold up well after freezing, i.e. you've made a batter by folding in whipped egg whites.

To freeze the batter, you can either put it in a plastic ziploc bag, making sure to expel all the air from the bag or put it in an airtight container, with a piece of plastic wrap press closely to the surface of the batter.

Freezing cakes before frosting is also a great way to control the crumbs. Once the cake are cooled, wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze for a few hours. When you remove the plastic, you'll find the moisture created from freezing significantly reduces the crumb problem.

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