Toilet Cakes

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Toilet cakes may seem a bit gross to eat, but their main purpose is to get a laugh. Here are a few variations:

Toilet Cake

toilet cakeThis is a hand carved toilet cake. Everything is edible, even though you may not want to eat it. LOL. The bowl and back are cake, the pee is piping gel, and the poop is chocolate fondant.

Start with a rectangular cake board. This one is simply colored with magic marker to quickly create the checkerboard pattern.

The yellow rug around the base of the toilet cake is made from fondant. You can create the yellow fringe that goes around the rug using a clay gun.

The lid of the toilet cake can be done a few ways. You can print out an image on edible icing sheets. Or you can use edible pens to write the message once the fondant is completely dry.

Details like the handle of the toilet were painted with a combination of silver luster dust and vodka.

Decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Graduation Toilet Cake

gross toilet cakeI want to make a toilet cake for my boyfriend's graduation from the plumbing apprenticeship. I have found this one online and really like the playfulness of it, but I want the toilet more true in its shape.
I have never made a shaped cake before but I am a creative and resourceful person.

Flush It Cake

flush it - toilet cakeFor a 60th Birthday Party...and she's still my friend!!! Her daughter wanted this cake so I agreed reluctantly to make it. I had no instructions but only a I did my version. You might not want to eat this but it was the hit of the party. We changed the message to a more positive one..."Flush the Crap and Enjoy the Sweet Things in Life"!

The tank of the toilet is made with three long loaf pans and the cake was made from vanilla mix, marble mix, and chocolate mix. The bottom loaf was cut in a few inches to make the tank more prominent. The toilet seat was made from a rounded bottom cake pan and is supported by a half loaf. The interior of the round cake was removed just enough to allow for the 'water' line inside. Fluffy white frosting covered it all and then fondant covered the tank and toilet seat. Edible gel was used inside the toilet and fondant was used to shape the 'ugh'. The plunger was made as a small round cake and colored fondant covered it. The floor is made from iced graham crackers. The only thing not edible is the stick that is in the plunger. It's not a cake I would ever make again! But, someone might want to try it.

Decorated by Karen from Clayton, NC

If you've decorated any toilet cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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