Transformers Cakes

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Here are four Transformers cakes depicting the giant robot from the movie by the same name.

Optimus Prime Transformer Cake

optimus prime transformer cakeMade 3 butter cake mixes in a 14 inch cake tin.

I used Buttercream icing on the cake, then traced a picture. Then I pin pricked the design onto the cake then piped in star in the colours on cake. Colours will vary with your tranformer syles.

Cake decorated by Rose Wiggins from Hobart, Tasmania

Transformers Cake

transformers cakeI made this cake for my 6 years old's birthday and I was kinda worried because I wasn't sure if I could draw the transformer, but my son was happy. I just wonder what he wants next year on his cake.
Cake decorated by Sonja Simeon from Kissimmee, Florida

Transformers Jazz

transformers jazz cakeBasically, I connected the dots made by printing the picture out on paper and poking holes with black food coloring by toothpicks to set a guideline. It was moderate... I am not a cake decorator but I enjoy making them 2x a year for my kiddos. Good luck on yours!
Cake decorated by Jessica from Oklahoma City, OK

Transformers Face Cake

transformers face cake3 layer white cake with fresh strawberry buttercream filling. Decorated with gray buttercream, white piping and the Transformers’ logo drawn in melted merckens chocolate and sprinkles.
Cake decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

If you've made any Transformers cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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