Under the Sea Cakes

collection of under the sea cakes

Under the sea cakes, like beach cakes, display pretty shells in addition to other marine life like fish. Here are a few different variations of the theme.

Octopus Under the Sea Cake

octopus under the sea cakeI made an 10" cake, a 8" cake and a 6" cake. I covered the largest 2 tiers with buttercream and refrigerated overnight. Then carved the 6" into a ball covered with buttercream and refrigerated overnight. Stack the 2 largest tiers and top with the carved ball. I covered the ball with a very oversized sheet of fondant and cut it jagged to make the legs. The green seaweed is colored sugar paste that I cut into strips, twisted and allowed 2-3 days to dry. The sea life was made with fondant molds and dusted with edible shimmer dust. The birthday hat was also sugar paste. The cupcakes were covered in blue buttercream and topped with a gummy fish.
Decorated by Laura Crownover from Mobile, AL

Candy Sea Life Cake

candy sea life cakeSand is made from Crushed vanilla wafers, rocks are jelly beans, crab and lobster are made from jelly beans and M&Ms, seaweed is made from fruit roll ups, add jelly turtles and fishies. My niece Emily loved it!
Decorated by Sandy Holcomb from Vinton, VA

Under the Sea Birthday Cake

under the sea birthday cakeMade this for a 21 yr. old birthday girl who loves to surf and is a beach bum... everything is edible.
Decorated by Evie from Sacramento, CA

Under Water Cake

under water cakeI made 1 13-18" cake & a 8-8" square for the top . The fish are all made of fondant. There are sharks, whales, an octopus, a dolphin goldfish, even a star fish & sea shells. The air bubbles are made of fondant on thin wire. The border of the cake is a piece of a fruit roll shaped like a wave. The frosting is butter cream. The larger fish are held up with skewers,covered with a blue straw over them. The goldfish are held up with tooth picks I colored blue with food color.
Decorated by Pat Cennami from Peabody, MA

If you've decorated any Under the Sea cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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