Unique Wedding Cakes

unique wedding cakes

Not all wedding cakes are white and these unique wedding cakes take the creativity much further.

Spiked Wedding Cake

spiked wedding cakeStepping outside the normal for a wedding cake. Our niece told us to decorate it how ever we wanted. We got so many compliments, it was fun to do also. As we were frosting the cake, we just lifted the spatula so that a peaks were formed. It has now become a family event when we do cakes for weddings, graduations, showers and birthdays.
Cake decorated by Don &Tina Ingell from Grant, Michigan

Shocking Lime Wedding Cake

shocking lime wedding cakeThis is my first cake done with Rolled Butter cream. The bride,(a friend I work with) doesn't like the taste of fondant but wanted me to get her the look of it!
Well, let me tell you..... that is about the hardest stuff I have ever worked with!
I loved the outcome of this one. It has definitely jump started my enthusiasm to work hard and create lots more.
The wedding colors were lime green and black! I was very nervous about the color I had chosen for the icing but that went away the second I took the cake in to set it up. The wedding was beautiful!

This cake is a three tier white cake with whipped strawberry filling...funny thing, the bride doesn't like the taste of lemon or lime:)

Rolled buttercream is difficult to work with but gives a great shine to the finished cake.

Decorated with black royal icing dots, black ribbon and fresh limes and lemons. The leaves are also fresh and I think gave this cake a beautiful accent.

Cake decorated by Rochelle Walters from Colorado Springs, CO

Zombie Wedding Cake

zombie wedding cakeThis was red velvet cake filled with chocolate ganache. The figures were hand sculpted out of Sculpy* brand polymer so the bride and groom would have a memento of their special Halloween Day Wedding.
close-up of zombies zombie figurine
Cake decorated by Cake by Justine from Long Island

Wescoat-Inspired Painted Cake

wescoat inspired painted cakeThis is a three-tiered hexagon-shaped cake, covered with fondant and hand-painted, using food colorings and vodka.

I used some of my favorite works from and artist by the name of Natasha Wescoat as inspiration for the design.

This gorgeous cake creation is the winner of the Unique Wedding Cake Contest. Renay's attention to detail, clean appearance and artistic talent made it a stand out cake.

To paint on fondant, the fondant must be completely dry. Otherwise you will create a sticky mess. Cover the cake the day before you want to paint it. It should be firm to the touch. You can either paint with powdered colors and a mix of vodka or lemon extract or use airbrush colors.

Cake decorated by Renay Zamora from Mt. Juliet, TN

Parthenon Wedding Cake

parthenon wedding cakeTo make the parthenon cake, first I took two wooden boards and wrapped them in fabric and cling wrap. Then I baked 5 flat long rectangular cakes and 3 short rectangular cakes. After they cooled I put butter cream frosting in between the layers having 3 layers in the bottom and 2 layers in the top. The middle was made from the 3 short cakes layered together. I then cut dowel rods to use as the pillars and screwed them to the top board. After they were on there I wrapped them in frosting and fondant. Then I cut the stairs out of the cake in order to lay the fondant on top of the bottom layer and then cut the roof out of the cake and laid the fondant over the top layer as well. Then I put fondant over the middle layers and also put small dowel rods in the bottom layer in order to hold up the middle layer. I then painted the two layers with brown and the pillars as well. Then I placed the top on with the pillars sinking into the bottom layer of the cake. I took a ruler and indented lines in the top to give it the 3-D look. Then I lined eatable pearls down the middle, front and back. Then put little creations on the top right side, left side, and middle. When this was all done I painted the top and put a white strip of fondant between the top layer and where the pillars start to hide the board. Then decorated it with ivy and a statue that the groom had in his personal collection. This was a very long process but after reading articles and practice I taught myself how to do decorate cakes. I enjoy it and find that it is a great master piece that makes any occasion memorable.
Cake decorated by Shannon Norland from Jesup, GA

Rat Wedding Cake

rat wedding cakeThis is a very unique rat wedding cake. They wanted rats to represent them cause it was their favorite pet.

The cake is made with 2- 10" rounds. The filling is just butter cream with a butter cream crumb coat and marshmallow fondant. The top tier is the same but made with a wedge of a 6" round to look like a slice of the cheese. The rats are made with a 50/50 blend of gum paste and fondant. The holes are made by taking a circle cutter and lightly pushing it onto the fondant.The whole thing is painted with luster dust using vodka. I highlighted the circles with a thicker coat of luster to make them stand out. This was definitely my unique cake for the year :)

Cake decorated by Tresha Lamb from Stayton, Oregon

Redneck Wedding Cake

redneck wedding cakeThe deer are the only thing on the cake you can not eat. I used a tree stump for the cake stand.
Cake decorated by Ellen from Virginia

Crackerjack Wedding Cake

crackerjack wedding cakeThe cracker jack cake is a 3 tier White Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Butter cream filling and iced in Vanilla Butter cream.

The stripes and logo are fondant and the ring topper is gumpaste with a glass "diamond".
Cascading down the side is real CrackerJacks.
The Groom had proposed to the Bride by hiding the ring in the prize pack of a box of CrackerJacks so they wanted to use that theme for their wedding and cake.

You can make the diamond by molding isomalt, which is a natural sugar extracted from beets.

Cake decorated by Jessica from Houston

Tie Dye Cake

tie dye cakeI airbrushed the background design and than added fondant accents of peace signs, smiley faces, and hearts.
I added wires with fondant accents.
Decorated by Tamara's the Cake Guru from Oshkosh, WI

Tie Dyed Fondant Wedding Cake

tie dyed fondant wedding cakeThis tie dyed fondant wedding cake was created for a 60's/70's retro wedding (recommitment). I took fondant in the wedding colors, cut it into chunks and made a ball with each color and white. Kneading the ball gently with a little bit of twisting but leaving it very chunky in color made the right effect.

Once rolled out it blends further. I finished the cake w/silk Astors (which the bride used throughout the wedding) & a purple ribbon.

It was a HUGE success!

Decorated by Jamie Southworth from Orlando, Florida

Candyland Cake

candyland cakeThe bride and groom had a Candyland themed reception and wanted to have a cake that fit in with the candy bar, thus the candy land wedding cake. It was 3 square tiers each 2" tall. Each tier was one layer of pink raspberry cake topped with one layer of orange cake, then covered in white fondant. The fondant was then 'quilted' freehand and dotted with candy sprinkles. The base of each tier was then covered with random candy that the bride had picked out.

Quilting is easiest to do with a quilting tool. It resembles a cutter, but comes with 3 diamond shapes stacked one on top of the other. You just measure the circumference of your cake to determine even spacing all the way around. If you are butting the diamonds together, and it's going to leave space around the back, then plan on covering the back with some sort of decoration. If even spacing creates a space in between each diamond, the space can be filled with a dot (piped, a candy, or a pearl).

Decorated by Tara from Antelope, GA

If you've decorated any unique wedding cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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