Valentines Cakes

valentines cakes

Valentines cakes come in pink and red and either in the shape of a heart or decorated with them. Here are a few ideas for your sweetheart or to fill an order for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Bear Cakes

Valentine bear cakesI did these individual size bear cakes for Valentine's Day, baked in a Wilton bear pan. They were iced in chocolate fudge buttercream, with my grass or star tip, to look like fur. Then I added the facial features with black, red, and beige. I placed a cut out cookie heart on the tummy and piped more "fur" to look like the bear's hands were holding the cookie. They tasted SO good!

Decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Heart Cake

heart cake1. Bake a 9" butter cake in a 9" heart-shaped pan.
2. Once cooled, wrap securely in plastic and place in the fridge overnight.
3. Tort and fill with cherry or strawberry filling.
4. Ice with buttercream frosting.
5. Put in the fridge
6. When chilled cover with pink fondant icing.
7. When set, airbrush with red airbrush food color.
8. When the airbrush color is set sprinkle lightly with edible sparkle dust.
9. Make a pink fondant ribbon and drape across the cake.
10. When the ribbon is set paint with edible gold luster dust. (Use a clear spirits and a fine art brush such as No. 0).
11. Pipe a royal icing bead border with No. 5 tip.

11. Make fondant roses and leaves and make into a spray. Or simply purchase ready-made roses.

12. Roll out white fondant and cut heart shape with a cookie cutter. While still soft, take a No. 4 tip and press a hole into the top of the heart.
13. When set, paint your message with a fine art brush.
14. Take a small piece of fondant and roll in your hands to make a small rope. "Thread" through the hole on top of the heart shaped tag.

Place the roses and tag on the cake. Adhere with a small amount of royal icing.

15. Take a small amount of pink fondant and make a bow.
When set adhere to cake with a small amount of royal icing. Paint with edible gold luster dust.

Decorated by Dina from Staten Island, NY

Valentine's Cupcakes

valentine's cupcakes

I made white cake cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. Then I frosted with milk chocolate frosting. I then took white decorators frosting and colored it pink. I made a swirly design all around the base of the cupcake. I then took wilton's jumbo sprinkles and sprinkled on top, then took a gumball and placed it on the top of the cupcake. They were a big hit :)

Decorated by Brittany S. from Hoquiam, WA

Lopsided Valentines Day Cake

lopsided valentines day cakeI made 6", 8", and 10" cakes each three layers high and carved them so they were slanted and tapered. I iced them in buttercream and then covered with light pink fondant. I piped red hearts on the side with royal icing and added a red fondant border on the bottom of each tier. The topper was made using rice cereal treats and gumpaste and the ribbon roses were made from fondant.

Decorated by Janell Smith from Louisiana

Blue Valentines Cake

blue valentines cakeI used 2 large 3' inch deep cake pans, top layer is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling, covered in fondant and painted with super blue and peacock blue luster dust, bottom layer is chocolate cake with strawberry cream filling covered in fondant and painted with super blue and peacock blue luster dust..the hearts are made from gumpaste and cut out and painted with royal blue and baby blue luster dust..i used gumpaste flowers and blue icing for center...i used white luster dust/pearl to draw the squares on the botom layer and used white icing to decorate...i used blue gel paste to make the blue icing trim...i cut out hearts using gumpaste and painted them shades of blue and attached them to floral wire and used royal icing and gumpaste to secure them to the wires...i used white fondant to make the white balls for the top and attached with white decorators icing...on the side of the cake i dipped a huge strawberry in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate..after it dried i used fondant glaze to give the strawberry shimmer coating and dusted the cake with blue pearl/platinum dust.

Decorated by Tracy from Mesquite, TX

The Love Cake

the love cakeThe love cake is an easy cake to do for Valentine's day or just to give to your honey!

To make this cake, bake 2 cakes in a heart shaped pan. Fill and frost them and then cover the cake in white fondant.

Using a ribbon cutter, cut out a strip of red fondant and lay it diagonally across the cake, as shown.

At the top, left side of the heart cake, lay a red bow made from a combination of fondant and gum paste.

On the part of this red fondant strip that shows on the cake after the bow is in place, you will write your inscription.

Using heart shaped fondant cutters in different sizes, cut out a bunch of heart shapes in red and pink. Wet the back of these cut outs just a bit and place them on the cake.

This is a quick cake to decorate. The bow will take some time to set. Use a piece of rolled up wax paper inside the bow and leave it in place until the bow dries. Remove the wax paper before serving the cake.


by Lisa Rosales from Corona, CA

Valentine's Cake

valentines cakeWell this was my first time using fondant and I was so excited, since I was a playdough loving child, and fondant seemed to have the same kind of fun to it. Anyways, I made a two layered chocolate cake. To make the heart all you have to do is make two squares and two circles of equal lengths. Cut the circles in half and place them on ajoining sides of the square cake. This will make your heart shape. Then I just covered with frosting and fondant. Then the fun part came! Decorating!!! I had a blast and can't wait to do more.
Decorated by Crystal Landers from Omaha, NE

If you've decorated any Valentine's cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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