Video Game Console Cakes

video game console cakes

What boy wouldn't want one of these video game console cakes for his birthday? I think plenty of grown men would, too :)

Xbox Cake

xbox cakeThis xbox cake is 2 9x13 cakes with rolled fondant to cover and make all of the little pieces.

The controller is actually rice krispie treats made in the shape of the controller. The buttons are fondant and candy that is formed.

We had planned on leaving the controller white but the candy bled so we hand painted it blue which is the color of our friend's controller that we made the cake for.

Cake decorated by Tricia P. from St. Louis, MO

Wii Cake

Wii CakeSheet cake covered in fondant and painted with Wii details.
Cake decorated by Margie F. from Charles Town, WV

Wii Remote Cakes

Wii remote cakesJust follow the instructions on the Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker cake mix. I used a loaf pan as well as a 9x9 square cake pan, and only poured a small amount of batter in each(approx 1/2").

When they were done I removed them from the pans, the 9x9 cake was cut into 3 (remotes) and the loaf pan size was cut down to size to make the 4th remote.

Let them cool them decorate to look like the Wii Remote. I made them the about the same size as the remote. I used M+M's(red,blue) for the "Power" button and the "start" button. I just added extra icing for the other buttons and added food coloring to enhance the controls. For the black dots, where the speaker is, I just dipped a toothpick in black food paste and "dotted" in on. I made 4 remotes so at the bottom of each I added blue icing for the player number. To get the perfect circles for the buttons, I used a syringe with no needle, it works the best!

These were a blast to make and the kids really enjoyed them! (one child didn't want to eat his cake)

Cake decorated by Randi from Canada

If you've made any video game console cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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