Wedding Cupcakes Tower

white and purple cupcake tower

Wedding cupcakes are in vogue these days and that's good news for anyone who wants to make their own. You can create an impressive display by creating a cupcake tower.

There are plenty of ways to infuse the theme of the wedding into the display; not only on the cupcakes themselves, but with decorations around the cupcakes and on the cake table.


Tower of wedding cupcakes

The do-it-your-selfer can save a lot of money and have great success using these ideas:

  • Even with little cake decorating experience, you can make a beautiful wedding cupcake tower.
  • Cupcakes are faster to make than cake.
  • Wedding cupcakes are very cost effective.
  • Mishaps effect one cupcake, not a whole cake.
  • You can make extras just in case.
  • Save on the cake cutting fee - cupcakes don't require cutting.
  • Make as many different flavors as you like.
  • Your guests can pick their favorites or try more than one flavor.
  • Instead of making floral table centerpieces, a small cupcake tower can adorn each table, saving you thousands on flowers!
  • Guests can have second and third helpings if they want.

The wedding cupcake tower is made up of vary sizes of cake boards covered with cupcakes with one or more types of designs. The design doesn't have to be complicated to impress your guests. Simple designs can be enhanced by integrating votives, fresh or silk flowers, or tulle alongside the cupcakes on each tier.

Before the baking day arrives, you can prepare your cupcake stand and select the types of decorations you would like to use to make an attractive display.

Assemble the Stand for your Wedding Cupcakes

The largest cake board will be placed on the bottom of your stand, the smallest at the top. You can use any shape you want. If you are serving 150 - 200 people, you'll want to make 2 cupcake stands. Each stand will consist of 4 tiers. The bottom tier would be 16", then 12", 9" and finally 6". The boards can be round, square or you can cut out a shape, if you like, by purchasing large pieces of foamcore. Your local craft store will have most of the things you need. Cover each board with non-stick foil, which comes in different colors. The edge of each cake board can be trimmed with ribbon to match the color scheme. Use either craft glue or hat pins to secure it. If you decide to make a shape, consider the surface area. You can place cupcake wrappers on the boards to get an idea of how many cupcakes each will hold. Don't forget to consider the space in the middle which will hold whatever type of column you choose to use.

If your placing wedding cupcakes on each table, logically the size of the cake boards will be much smaller and you'll need to make sure you have the same number of each size cake board for every table you need to decorate. You can keep it simple and use 2 cake boards for each stand. If you want something tall and impressive, you can use larger boards and leave room in the middle of the top board to insert a vase.

Between each cake board, you will create a column to support the tiers above it. You can purchase clear vases (wide enough and sturdy enough to support the tiers above) and fill the vases with flower petals, glass marbles, seashells,etc. This is a great way to pull the theme of the party into the display. Very inexpensively, you can also use flower pots in between the cake boards. Just spray paint them and tie a pretty ribbon around them. If you're creative, you can paint flowers or other designs on them. The flower pot is great because it has a hole in the middle that will allow you to place a long dowel through all the cake boards and through the flower pots, giving the stand extra support so it doesn't fall over. Check the sturdiness of your cupcake stand before the big day to prevent mishaps.

You can offer a variety of cake flavors to your guests by placing each flavor on its own stand. Let your guests know with a hand-written sign you place on the table in front of each one. Don't feel obligated to make room for every cupcake on the stand. Check with the caterer about the table size to see how much room you'll have around the cupcake stands. Bringing the theme out on to the table makes for a wonderful display.

Decorating the Wedding Cupcake Tower

Decorations should be placed towards the center of each cake board so guests can easily retrieve a cupcake without disturbing the arrangement. Extend the decorations out on to the cake table and intermingle them with the cupcakes.Long pieces of tulle draped on the table instantly say "wedding."

Ideas for Decorating the Wedding Cupcake

If you know how to decorate cakes, you can make royal icing flowers as far as 2 weeks in advance. Store them in an airtight container to keep out moisture. These decorations can also be purchased. It's very easy to create chocolate cake decorations by using plastic molds in the shape of hearts, seashells, or flowers. Craft stores carry chocolate in all different colors. If you use fondant, the 2-1/2" circle cutter is just the right size to cut out a piece of fondant to cover the cupcake. You can paint fondant with pearl dust to give it a pretty glow. Gold or silver non-pariels make nice touches to any design.

You can also dress up the wedding cupcakes with non-edible decorations: pearl beads, ribbon, small plastic wedding bells, or other wedding decorations sold for making favors.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Consider incorporating your wedding colors and theme into the cupcake decorations and the cake stand. Add a special touch to the cupcakes by icing them with a pastry bag fitted with a cake decorating tip. Once the icing hardens, the decorations won't stick. If you work with someone else, have your helper add the decorations after each cupcake is iced. If you are working alone, you will need to keep icing handy to add fresh icing on top of the cupcake before adding the decorations.

Transporting the Cupcakes

Any sturdy boxes will work fine for transporting the cupcakes. Separate them with balls of tissue paper to prevent them from falling over and bumping into one another.

Use your imagination to create unique cupcake ideas that will be the hit of the wedding!

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