White Wedding Cakes

collection of white wedding cakes

White wedding cakes are the most basic, traditional type of wedding cake, but they can vary in height, be stacked or displayed with satellite cakes. Here are a few different variations:

Cinderella Wedding Cake

Cinderella wedding cakeThis is a 14 inch square and 6 inch square cake covered in buttercream icing,with gumpaste flowers. Cinderella bride and her prince on top, with crystal Cinderella coach on bottom tier.

Cake decorated by Nancy Hogencamp from Umatilla, FL

My Daughter's Wedding Cake

white wedding cakeI made a four tier cake. Bottom Triple Chocolate, Next a Butter Yellow, following that a Strawberry, and finally the top is a Marble. All frosted in buttercream frosting. I applied Fondant to the whole cake. I then used a quilted pattern press on the sides of the cakes only. I used fondant to create a ribbon at the base of each layer and airbrushed a shimmering teal color on it. I used a small flower tip to add a trim to the ribbon. At the points of the quilted pattern I used teal and pearl candied balls. The cake was topped off with a bride holding a key and the groom sitting down with a ball and chain. The wedding was beautiful and everyone loved the cake.
Cake decorated by Mary from Middletown, MD

Together Forever

together forever single tier wedding cakeSimple fruit cake with royal icing.
Cake decorated by Milly from Trinidad and Tobago

Forever Entwined Wedding Cake

forever entwined wedding cakeForever Entwined cake is a fruit cake, covered in marzipan/ fondant and decorated in royal icing and assembled with a bridge and fountain.
Cake decorated by Milly from Trinidad

Grapes and Floral Wedding Cakes

grapes and floral wedding cakeFruit cake, covered with marzipan/ fondant and decorated with royal icing.

grapes wedding cakeCake decorated by Milly from Trinidad and Tobago

Monogram Wedding Cake

mongram wedding cakeI made the cakes using the hexagon pans. then iced them in buttercream. I used real ribbon on the bottom of each layer. I made the monogram out of gum paste and cut it out. The flowers on top were real as well.
Cake decorated by Margie F. from Charles Town, WV

Three Single Tiers

3 single tiers wedding cakeIt's 3 cakes: carrot, vanilla and chocolate. Covered in buttercream and fondant. The bows were made from flower paste. I made all the flowers, leaves, parasols with the collars, "bride and groom" and other detail on the cakes.
Cake decorated by Loisa Mouton from Mandini, KZN, South Africa

Moore Wedding Cake

moore wedding cakeYellow cake with buttercream. Bride wanted real flowers.

Cake decorated by Ellen from Virginia

Coconut and Lime Wedding Cake

coconut and lime wedding cakeThis is 2 tiers of Coconut and Lime cake, with Swiss Meringue Buttercream as filling and covering the cake. The bride didn't want fondant. Hand made sugarpaste orchids.

Cake decorated Jaala from Queensland, Australia



Wedding Doves Cake

wedding doves cakeThe way I made this cake I used my buttercream icing recipe. THe cake I made is a 2 layer 10" and 2 layer 14", 2-tier with pearls around both tiers. I added 8 - 6" round decorated cakes around the base. I added rose buds and pearls around the base of each cake. I added a floral ring of silk flowers. Then a fountain topped with kissing doves and small doves on the rims of the fountain.
Cake decorated by Teresa Smith from Rocky Point, NC

Red and White Lace Wedding Cake

red and white lace wedding cakeThis cake has 6, 6, and 10 inch tiers. White chocolate cake enveloped in whipped white chocolate ganache, covered in ivory fondant and painstakingly covered in gum paste lace to match my own wedding dress. Each tier is separated by a styrofoam wedge and covered in ribbon to match the bridesmaid's dresses. The flowers are a red silk peony and poppies picked out by the bride.
white lace fondantCake decorated by Sidney Galpern from Melbourne, Florida

White Orchid Wedding

white orchid wedding cake3-Tier Chocolate Cake with buttercream frosting. I used orchids and purple baby breath as decoration with simple swirls design. Simple and yummy!!!!

Cake decorated by Pammy Cakes from Oakland, ME

5 Tier Wedding

5 tier wedding cakeThis 5 tier stacked wedding cake is covered with rolled Satin Ice Fondant. Trimmed with Gold satin ribbon & string pearls at the base of each layer.
The entire cake is French Vanilla filled with custard & fresh strawberries.

Cake decorated by Tina Ennis from Grass Valley, Ca

Jenna's Wedding Cake

jenna's wedding cakeI made this cake for my daughter's wedding. I used 19", 15", 10" & 6" layers & covered with fondant. The drape is coming off the back of the bride's (On the topper) dress. I had a little trouble covering the small layer smoothly but otherwise it was pretty easy. She was happy with it.
Decorated by Cathy Womble from Florida

White Wedding Cake Designs

white wedding cake designsThis is my first time making a tier wedding cake.
My nephew wants to have a wedding cake for her wedding, so I have suggested to surprise her with my own creation. She told me that the wedding decoration will be in ivory and gold at the reception area. So I have decided to make this 4 tiers cake in white color as a gift from me. Every single decor on the cake is edible.

Decorated by Siti from Singapore

Molnar Wedding Cake

Molnar wedding cakeTiers of Alternating cakes; Tiers 1, 3 & 5 were a Chocolate Genoise with a Chambord Simple Syrup and a thin coating of fresh raspberry preserves. It was cut into 3 layers, one filled with Chocolate Mousse and the other with an all butter Chocolate Buttercream. Tiers 2 & $ were a Vanilla Genoise with a Grand Marnier simple syrup and fresh Orange marmalade, the Buttercream was a whole bean vanilla bean all butter buttercream, ther was a Layer of white Chocolate Mousse as well.

The Cakes were covered in SatinIce Fondant colored a light Ivory. The Pearls at the bottom of the tiers were piped using Royal Icing.

The Gum paste flowers includes Orchids, Sweetheart Roses & Alestromeria Lilies that matched the colors of the bridemaid's bouquets. There were filler flowers that included Cherry Blossoms & Jasmine.

The Bride also walked down the Aisle with a matching gum paste bouquet.

Decorated by Alexander Molnar

Mahaney Wedding Cake

Mahaney wedding cakeThis Wedding Cake was made for two Black Belts who owned a Karate Studio together.

They wanted a simple white genoise cake with a vanilla bean buttercream, and a layer of Cherry Vanilla Mousse.

The cake is cake is Covered in White SatinIce Fondant. (the slight yellow cast is from the lighting) The ribbon is from the bride and it is also incorporated into the bouquets and other floral arrangements.

The gum paste flowers are a mixture of Chrysanthemums and Cherry Blossoms with loops of the ribbon to and a little deeper color to the arrangements.

The Bride & Groom cut the cake with an Antique Samurai Sword that was over 150 years old.

Decorated by Alexander Molnar

Abstract Wedding Cake

abstract wedding cakeA long time ago I wanted to try some new technique and style.So when I had a chance I made that cake "Abstract Wedding Cake".I'm happy with result.Cake is covered with homemade fondant.Gum paste flowers without using any cutters:)))The base is chocolate sponge with chocolate filling,and a lot of Kahlua syrup.Yummy!!!Second tier is honey cake with sour cream filling.

This fondant was not applied in one piece to the tiers, rather a circle of fondant was placed on top and then the fondant was applied to the sides as separate pieces, extending above the edge of the cake.

Decorated by Temenuga from Kitchener, ON, Canada

First Wedding

first wedding cakeThis is the first wedding cake, as well as the first tiered cake I ever made. (And yes, I know, it is a little tilted!!) My niece did not have a cake for her backyard wedding. I made a decorated sheet cake for her shower so she asked me if I could make her a wedding cake. The two bottom layers are butter cake and the two top layers are lemon. The cake is covered in fondant and the roses and bows are fondant. I had only used fondant one other time. All-in-all, I was pretty happy with it and the most important thing is, my niece and the rest of my family loved it!
Decorated by Laurie48 from Hebron, KY

Is It or Isn't It?

faux wedding cakeWhen one of my close friends got married not only was I excited but honored. We decided she should have an elaborate dessert bar but she also didn't want to be without a wedding cake. So I suggested we have a faux cake with one real tier that they could cut into.

The cake had 4 tiers 3 were styrofoam and one was the real cake. They chose chocolate cake filled with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries.
All the tiers are covered in ivory fondant, accented with blue satin ribbon that matched her color scheme and the floral accents were also made of fondant that I colored to match the ribbon. The topper was a beautiful pair of ceramic love birds that the bride found online.

Decorated by Nilda from Las Vegas

My 2nd Wedding Cake

my 2nd wedding cakeThis is a buttercream cake with a brushed embroidery design, copied from the lace of the bride's dress. I took pictures of the wedding dress lace, printed them and created a cake design from the prints. Then I made my own impression mat of the lace design using acetate sheets and non-toxic fabric paint. I imprinted the cake and then piped (and brush embroidered for the first time) the lace design. I made my own fondant pearls in various sizes (first time also) and used them where the lace had baubles in it... and for the border. It was a WASC and spice cake 18-14-10-6 stacked tiers. This was also the first time I ever cut a wedding cake. It was rich and moist, and people waited in line for seconds!
Decorated by Linda from Braselton, GAlace detail side of white lace wedding cake

Draping Wedding Cake

draping wedding cakeThis draping wedding cake consists of 12inch, 10inch, and 8inch round cakes. They are all pina colada cakes with pineapple cream filling. The bride and groom to be had red and purple as their wedding colours so we made roses to match them all.

All 3 tiers are covered in white fondant and stacked using plastic dowels to support the weight. We used fondant to create the draping around the cake and set out the roses alternating from red to purple. Made the leaves with butter cream.
We did a shell border using butter cream and the dots on the cakes were also done with butter cream.
We covered the cake board with fondant and also added dots to match the cake.
The couple provided us with the topper to use and it added a cute touch.
Everybody loved the cake.

Decorated by Clara da Silva from Brampton, On, Canada


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