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Tips for Gluten-Free Baking

tips for gluten-free baking

For those coping with Celiac disease, wheat sensitivities, Autism spectrum disorders, autoimmune disease, and many other concerns, a gluten-free diet can offer incredible benefits. If you have taken the plunge and adopted a lifestyle without wheat, you have likely noticed that baking is a completely different challenge.

February Top Tier Challenge

February Top Tier Challenge

The February Top Tier Challenge offers you a chance to win a prize for submitting any type of cake, cookie, cupcake or cake decoration made in any theme. Each day in the month of February, one photo will be selected to be featured in the Top Tier section of this website. At the end of the month, one of the featured photos will be selected to win a 1 year print subscription ($40), a copy of the Sweet World booklet ($15), and a t-shirt ($15) from Edible Artist's Network Magazine.

How to Grow Your Customer Base Online

growing cake business online

Over the years, I’ve read forum post after forum post from frustrated cake decorators stuck in the rut of providing cakes to low paying customers consisting of family, friends and their referrals. After they’ve made dozens of cakes for pennies in profit, they’re desperate to attract new customers outside the circle of their current customer base.  Helpful forum members may tell these cake decorators to network at their child’s school, church and on Facebook, which certainly can prove fruitful; however, there’s a better way to go about drawing in fresh faces.  

Football Field Cakes

7 football field cakes

Football field cakes seem to remain forever popular and probably will be as long as the sport remains one of America's favorite pass-times. If you're celebrating a team win, making a birthday cake or getting ready for the Super Bowl, these football ideas should give you a starting point.

January Top Tier Challenge

january top tier challenge

Add any decorated cake, cupcake, cookie, cake decoration, chocolate, etc. in any theme for a chance to win January's Top Tier Challenge.

grapes tutorial by Peggy TuckerThis month, Epicurean Delights® is offering the winner a gift pack of over $100 worth of cake decorating tools and supplies PLUS access to the video tutorial Grapes, Leaves and Vines by Peggy Tucker, CMSA and School of Cakeology.

Christmas Tree Cakes

Christmas tree cakes

Christmas tree cakes make delightful centerpieces for the holiday dinner table. Here are two different variations.

Christmas Tree Cake

christmas tree cake1. Bake, torte and fill 10",8",6" and 4" round cakes.
Place all on cardboard cake boards,10" goes on a covered cake drum or 1/2 foam board cut and covered.