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Tip and Grip Turntable by Dawn Parrott

tip and grip turntable

This past August, at the International Cake Exploration Societe' Convention, Chef Dawn Parrott debuted her new Tip and Grip Turntable, an unique design constructed to hold cakes at a sharp angles. Nothing like it existed in the United States and, being a piper, Dawn saw the need for a high quality turntable that was not only sturdy for decorating cakes at a level position, but that could facilitate decorators in creating extension work for show cakes.

November Top Tier Cake

american cake decorating magazine

Beginning November 1st, each day one new cake will be featured in the top tier category of the photo gallery. At the end of November, American Cake Decorating Magazine will select one of the top tier cakes to win a one year print (U.S. only) and digital subscription (international) to the magazine. Featured cakes will be shared across Cake Decorating Corner's social networks each day.

Dawn Parrott's Winning OSSAS Cake

Dawn Parrott OSSAS Cake

What an amazing first time experience it was for me at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show having the unique opportunity to see my good friend, Dawn Parrott win the grand prize. I was lucky enough to see the progression of the cake prior to the show when she texted me these photos. I knew early on she had something pretty spectacular in the works.

While many cake decorators begin planning the following year's cake as soon as the show concludes, Dawn whipped up her masterpiece in a mere six weeks. Her inspiration came from some plates her neighbor brought over to her.

Determined to Deliver: Drew Padalecki's OSSAS Cake

Drew Padaleckis OSSAS Cake

Young, rising cake star Drew Padalecki encountered more obstacles than should be humanly possible along his journey to deliver a cake to the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. If I were him, the cake probably would have ended up in the middle of the street. His is a story of determination despite the unnatural odds that would discourage most, and a lesson to us all about not letting anything stop us from reaching our goals.   

cake by Drew Padalecki

Windsor Cake and Art Show

windsor cake and art show

In spring 2016, the Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery located in Windsor, New York will host the Windsor Cake and Art Show. Planning is still in the early stages; however, my goal is to merge the cake and art worlds, featuring elements of both types of shows. I invite cake decorators to bring their most artistic creations to show the art world that sugar belongs in the list of artistic mediums right alongside oil paint, watercolor, charcoal, etc. Just because cake is eaten, does not mean it's not art.

Halloween Cakes

collection of halloween cakes

Here are some cute and ghoulish Halloween cakes and cupcakes for your next celebration.

Trick or Treat Cake

trick or treat cakeThis was a 9" layer trick or treat Spice Cake with Buttercream Frosting for Halloween, covered in fondant, all the ghosts and the witch flying over the moon are made of fondant. TFL