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On the Cake Made Set

Dawn Parrott on the set of CakeMade.com

The Howcast Production of Piping, Stenciling & Filigree by Dawn Parrott

Four floors up from a Brooklyn street under construction and within a building that creaked with age, the Howcast production team set up to film a video featuring Dawn Parrott in the kitchen of a sprawling flat. The sophisticated video and audio equipment greatly contrasted the surroundings which bestowed charm and comfort to the set.

howcast video location

Cinco De Mayo Cake

Cinco De Mayo Cake

A full sheet cake iced with a traditional buttercream and then decorated with fondant. I made my own marshmallow fondant (kind of a pain to work with)and made fondant figures/decorations by hand. For the sun, I made a ball of yellow and flattened it a bit so it would sit nicely on the cake, then made the triangle flares for the sun and attached them with toothpicks. I used chocolate jimmies for the cactus, using a toothpick first to make the hole, and then tweezers to place each jimmie in the holes.
This cake was so much fun to make and to serve. It was a BIG hit!!

Flower Pot Cakes

flower pot cakes

Flower pot cakes make elegant Mother's Day cakes or just a cake for a female who enjoys flowers.

The pot itself can be shaped by carving the stacked cake while upside down. Use a serrated knife to trim the excess off in an angle so the top of the cake will be wider than the bottom.

1st Birthday Cakes

1st birthday cakes

1st birthday cakes are special and we often make big family parties to celebrate.

I remember my daughter's and her first experience eating cake. The cake was everywhere - her hair, her face, her high chair. But, that was her first taste of sweets and boy, did she love it! Here are some cakes to celebrate the special moment.

Charity Event Cakes

charity event cakes

Few things are as gratifying as making charity event cakes for people in need and seeing the smile on their faces in return.

It's a way to share our art and provide hope for those who don't have as much of it. Here are some cakes from charity events gone by.