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Anniversary Cakes

anniversary cakes collection

Here are several anniversary cakes celebrating different milestone anniversaries.

Silver Anniversary Cake

silver anniversary cakeI had to bring all my baking equipment with me to germany to make this cake for my aunt and uncle! It was their silver anniversary and I offered to make the cake as a gift.

Butterfly Wedding Cakes

butterfly wedding cakes

Not only do butterflies appear frequently on girl's birthday cakes; butterfly wedding cakes are popular with the butterflies either being the featured decoration or added to a spray of flowers. Gum paste butterflies are easy to make: roll the gum paste thin, use a cutter than cuts and stamps the impression in at the same time. Bend the butterflies in the middle so the wings stick up. You can lay them to dry on aluminum foil to help hold the shape. When they are dry, you can use edible paints to decorate them.

Roller Coaster Cakes

roller coaster cakes

Roller coaster cakes are fun reminders of summer and make great summer birthday cakes.

Roller Coaster Cake

roller coaster cakeThis was the next birthday cake for my roller coaster obsessed kids. I decided to go big with this one so I made two cakes (just from a box recipe) and put them on different levels.