Cake Prices

I'm a home baker trying to transition from making cakes for friends to clients that don't expect cakes at zero profit. The problem, though, is that people still expect to get intricate gum paste decorations for next to nothing. How do you find the balance to be able to land customers without working endless hours for no pay?

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Tell them that a "basic" cake is $xxx. Then quote them how much you charge for the individual handcrafted gum paste decorations. For instance, an 8" round covered and bordered with butter cream would be $50. Add fondant covering for $10. A pair of gum-paste baby high-tops would be $30 or a gum paste peony would add $15. Sugar lace could add as much as $30! Think about or make a price list for the things you do most often, so when asked, the prices just roll off your tongue and you don't sound like you are making them up as you go along to try to squeeze every penny you can get out of the customer. Hope this helps... good luck growing your business!

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That’s some good advice bonnie050250. It does seem like people expect something for nothing these days. If you want something good you have to pay for it. That’s just the truth.