lingerie cake

This is a bridal shower madeira cake i made for a friend. The cake was baked in a rectangular pan. When it cooled i had to wrap it with a foil paper and refrigerate it over night to make sculpting easy. The breasts are cakes too, baked using an aluminium round small plate usually used for making a local delicacy known as moi-moi. When the cakes were brought out of the fridge the following morning, the rectangular cake was sculpted while still cold. The breasts were shaped from the round cakes and butter icing was used for crumb coating. After crumb coating the cake was put back in the fridge for an hour. It was brought out and frosted with butter cream. I used my home made fondant which i prepared to cover the cake. I covered the cake first with a fondant lightly coloured with sugarflair chestnut colour. Then i covered with a red coloured fondant. The ropes were made using a craft gun and the edges were made using a ball tool to ruffle a black fondant. The board is covered white with red and black pockadots made using no.4 and no.2 piping nozzle tips.

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