Baby Carriage Baby Shower Cake

Baby shower cake I made for my niece. Cake is 2 tiers (8" and 10") WASC filled/covered w/almond buttercream. Baby carriage and heart plaque were made w/Wilton Shape and Amaze. Cake board/stand was also hand crafted.

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So very sweet Denise....

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Congratulations, Denise!! I am so glad you posted this gorgeous cake here and it so deserves the Top Tier!

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Thanks so much again Sandra & June. We all sure do get around don't Sandra, I see now that my cake appears in the top tier photos but I didn't get anything officially stating it was in the top tier like you did. If I wouldn't have recv'd a notification via email that you & June had posted comments, I probably wouldn't have known. So, thanks ladies :)

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That is so pretty.

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Thank you very much Angela :)