Masquerade 18th Bday Cake

3-tiered WASC cake (9 and 12" hexagon, 6" tapered top), iced/filled w/almond buttercream and covered in MMF. Mask made from gumpaste w/isomalt gem accents. All other decorations are a combination fondant and Wilton Shape and Amaze. This pic was taken outside at dusk so the cake appears to be blue in the picture but was actually purple and gold. Unfortunately we could not get a good picture showing that.

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Beautiful Denise....

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Thank you so much :-)

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Thank you so much :-)'s picture

very pretty! It looks great!'s picture

how did you do the mask? mold or free hand?

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Since this was a 1st for me, I searched the internet & was able to find several tutorials showing how to make a masquerade mask. The entire mask is made from gumpaste. The 1st step was to cut the basic part of the mask out using a template then lay it on top of a blank white mask for it to take shape & dry which took 2-3 days. I used the Wilton Lace mold for the trim around the mask & fondant cutters to make the feathers. The gems were made using isomalt & a small gem mold. All of the other details on the mask were done free hand & the entire mask was hand painted. Thank you for looking & your kind comments