Dinosaure Cake and tutorial

I was invited by the company Silikomart World to test their product for the creation of my cakes.
In the coming weeks and months, I will comment about my adventures with the range of tools and product Silikomart.
In my meetings with the representatives of this company, I was surprised and excited to see their full range of product.
You can see the full tutorial on my Facebook page. Les Gâteaux de Gilles
I'm looking forward to question, and comment on my cakes and how I did them.
In this first test. I could have fun with sugar paste (fondant), the gumpaste and also the dye solube powder.
I enjoyed myself and commented on each photo

Butter cream chocolate cake with vanilla covered with chocolate ganache.

The order of this cake was made by my group on Facebook Le coeur dans les gâteux, here in Quebec, which offers a cake for children in need. This to me was a pleasure to make this cake for Eric.

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You could see how i made this cake on my Facebook page Les Gâteaux de Gilles