Ombre Baby Shower Cake

The bottom and top tiers of this cake are chocolate cake, and the middle tier is white. I iced them with my buttercream and covered them with white fondant. I then used a rose cutter and separated the petals to make the "scales" and layered them bottom to top. On the bottom tier I used the large ball tool and flared them out for volume and effect before putting them on. Once it was covered and stacked I airbrushed the ombre design in pink then covered the whole cake with a pearlescent sheen. I then placed the gumpaste coral, shells and pearls on the cake. I made the starfish out of gumpaste and placed them on the cake to harden. The sand on the top is actually organic coconut sugar, which imo works so much better as sand because it isn't sticky. The topper is not edible, but was put together by me. It is hard to tell in the picture, but inside of it is a ceramic baby girl laying on a bed of pink and white tulle. It will make a great decoration for the baby's room after she is born :)

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