Cradle and All!!

Baby cradle shower cake. Cake (flooring) is chocolate cake with Swiss Meringue butter cream on top and a carved, fondant (wood) floor. The cradle is made of fondant with a fondant binkie (blanket), floppy, fuzzy teddy bear (snipped with small scissors to make it "fuzzy"), a fondant/gum paste pillow with fondant lace trim all around. Topping the cradle off is a gum paste mobile with stars, moon and sun. Surrounded by fondant "lace" all around. Small, medium and large fondant butterflies "flutter" all around the cradle!

On the floor is a Raggedy Ann doll (marking the 100th anniversary of Raggedy Ann this year), a fondant "rubber ducky", fondant pacifier, bottle, baby keys, rattle and "Welcome Baby" blocks. They are all resting on a butter cream, multi colored shag baby rug.

I chose a multi pastel pallet for this cake because many couples do not always want to know what gender the baby is before birth!!

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