Baby Shower Gift Bag

Everything on this cake is edible with the exception of the stick holding up the balloon and the handle of the bag.


The base of the cake is a lemon poppy seed drizzle and was made to look like a gift box. Around the base are handmade toys. The owl is made from homemade rice krispie treats, and the caterpillar and giraffe are made from half and half fondant and gum step mix. These were made form this medium so the customer could keep them as a keepsake. There are also other handmade keepsakes 

stacked on on top of the bag that you can not see.


The teddy bear was made from home made rice krispie treats and covered in fondant, I then used a extruder gun to crate the fur. This took forever, but had to be done. The cake itself is Red Velvet Cake. The small balloon is rice krispie treats.

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