Bubible Bath Baby

This is a vanilla butter cake with vanilla buttercream. I used a half 9" sphere cake pan. Dry iced with vanilla buttercream and covered it with pink satin ice vanilla fondant. Flipped over and lightly iced the top. Out of skin colored fondant, i made the baby's head, shaped into a ball and the face and hair drawn on with an edible ink marker. I made the hands and feet and secured all pieces with icing as if the baby was laying in the tub. Then used a round tip to make bubbles out of buttercream. Made a rope of white fondant to line the tub and border the bubbles. Used edible pearls spaced out to add depth to the 3D look. I used gray colored fondant to make the shower pole and head and secured it with food wire into the cake. White gumpaste pieces were shaped, hardened, and adhered to the bottom of the cake for the feet of the tub. Topped the bubbles with edible rainow luster dust to make the bubbles shine and reflect.

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Bubble Bath Baby Shower Cake - fun to make