Peppermint Royal Icing

Peppermint royal icing on a gingerbread house
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Source: Danielle & Chris Noble, Ft. Thomas, KY
Prep time: 10 minutes


Use this peppermint royal icing to bond together Gingerbread houses and also for a tasty piping on cakes for lacework and such.


1⁄3 c
egg whites (approx. whites from 3 large eggs)
2 lb
confectioners sugar
1 t
clear vanilla extract
2 dr
peppermint oil extract


1. Combine egg whites, vanilla, and peppermint oil in large bowl.
2. Beat until frothy or soft peaks form.
3. Slowly add in the powdered sugar w/ the mixer on medium until all sugar is combined and desired consistency is reached.


If piping with this icing, push the icing through a nylon stocking to remove all the lumps which could get stuck in your piping tip.

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