Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

chocolate cream cheese icing on cupcakes
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Source: Jen Harlin, East Northport, NY
Prep time: 10 minutes


This chocolate cream cheese icing is really good on chocolate cheesecake.


3 oz
3 oz
cream cheese (softened)
1⁄4 c
4 c
confectioners sugar


  1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave.
  2. Beat cream cheese in the bowl of an electric mixer.
  3. Add confectioners sugar and beat on low.
  4. Add milk and salt and beat until creamy.
  5. Add melted chocolate to the cream cheese icing mixture and beat until fully combined.


I love this chocolate version of cream cheese icing. Even if you don't frost the whole cheese cake, this is great for piping rosettes along the top border of the cake. I pipe a large rosette in the middle of the cake and then put a cherry in the center. It also looks nice with little chocolate filigree decorations inserted between the piped rosettes.


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