Modeling Chocolate Recipe

modeling chocolate recipe used to make flowers
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SourceMari Senaga
Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
5 minutes
Total time
15 minutes


This is Mari Senaga's modeling chocolate recipe. It is used to create edible figures and flowers, similar to gum paste.


1 lb
white, milk or dark chocolate (melted)
1⁄2 c
corn syrup (melted in microwave)


1. Heat in a microwave, on, 50% power for 2-3 minutes (Check every 30 seconds and stir), the chocolate will take on a shiny look when melted, Stir until smooth.

2. After the chocolate has been melted, add the corn syrup.  Stir (not whisk, use more of a fold in) until it blends, you will see a separation of the solids and fats. Stir till you no longer see any uncombined melted chocolate (dull streaks), and it feels like soft serve

3. Pour the mixture on to a piece of plastic wrap. Wrap for the next 3- 4 hours.   Store in a cool place (55 degrees to 75 degrees) do not refrigerate, this can make the clay grainy, and hard to work with. You can knead it at this point. Then re-wrap in plastic wrap, or zip style bag it.


To use: cut or break into 4-6 pieces. Warm and knead each piece in your hands, until you achieve a consistency close to modeling clay.  Let set up for at least 30 minutes between kneading. Then give the chocolate clay a second kneading. At this point, you may add paste color to achieve the color you desire.  Let set up for a couple of hours before using.  During this process, remove any lumps that do not knead in to the paste.

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