Quick Raspberry Filling

making raspberry filling
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Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
15 minutes
Total time
45 minutes


Normally, I make raspberry filling with unflavored gelatin, but this recipe came about when I had none on hand but happened to have raspberry flavored Jell-o in the cabinet.


10 oz
frozen raspberries (defrosted)
1 c
heavy cream
1⁄2 c
1 t
raspberry Jell-o


  1. Place raspberries and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.
  2. Stir in teaspoon of Jell-o.
  3. Pour the raspberry mixture through a strainer and press it down with a spoon to extract as much puree' as possible.
  4. Allow the puree' to cool.
  5. Beat the heavy cream in a chilled bowl with a whip attachment until streaks begin to form in the cream.
  6. Continue beating the cream on medium speed while slowly pouring in the raspberry puree.
  7. When combined, either chill to firm the raspberry filling or fill cake or cupcakes before the filling sets,


 This recipe is used in to assemble Raspberry Cupcakes with Whipped Ganache. Not much filling is required to fill a mere 24 cupcakes. This recipe will easily cover 100. It's just tedious beating up small amounts of heavy cream. What you don't use for the cupcakes will taste great as a fruit dip.

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